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Tuesday, December 04, 2007

JFK's Riddle vs Romney's Conundrum with the Baps

Robert Parham does a masterful job with the Obstackle facing Romney In Iowa.

Even has this great intro with history of Jimmy Carter I had forgotten:

Religion is neither a qualifier nor a disqualifier for public office, unless you are a Mormon, one of your opponents is a Southern Baptist and you are both running for the presidential nomination of your party.
When former governor Jimmy Carter was in tight race with Congressman Morris "Mo" Udall for the Democratic Party's nomination in 1976, Detroit Mayor Coleman Young, a Carter backer, said to a large audience of black Baptist ministers: "I'm asking you to make a choice between a man from Georgia who fights to let you in his church, and a man from Arizona whose church won't even let you in the back door."

Udall, who had left the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints over its policies toward blacks, called on Carter, a Southern Baptist layman, to repudiate Coleman's comments. Carter refused and won the Michigan primary.

Playing the Mormon card is occurring again. This time the state is Iowa and the party is Republican.

Back to Fox
I think Parham is righteous when he points out the Baptists Kennedy faces are different from the ones Hbee represents as current SBC has forsaken the George Truett concept of separation of church and state.
Even so Huckabee brings some virtue to the table with his gut felt convictions I think are inspired by his Christian faith in regard Hispanic immigrants having the opportunity to further their education in this country if they complete High School successfully. I witnessed an encounter just today worthy of Christian reconciliation and adjustment; witnessed it in Collinsville, Alabama that deserves a remedy like HBee offers and I commend him for that, though he has a lot of explaining to do about George Truett; as does Frank Page.
That is where Ben Cole and Wade Burleson are too cute by half when they can't be prophetic to Frank Page to take this matter to it's rightful outcome.
Here is where they should go and Where everybody from OBama to Hillary, Romney to Ron Paul and Huckabee should frame the discussion; all of it of course deep in the concluding chapters of Garry Wills Head and Heart.
Somebody hire me.
I can help the likes of Parham, Dan Nejfelt and Randy Brinson, even Oprah and Tom Daschle redeem this country; in the name of Lincoln and Judge Frank Johnson; Martin Luther King and George Truett; inflecting Jesus Christ for the Common Good; even helping Huckabee rest his soul; get his heart where it yearns to go though I don't think he is ready for the White House.
To His Staff.
Start Boning up Kimball, Wills, Balmer, Marsh and Yoder and we shall see what are
the Possibilities.
As Marney said: "Milton, it's getting late."


And here as a postscript from EJ Dionne's oped in WPost of Nov 30
To Huckabee's great credit on immigration; though Cohen of the Post takes him apart on his soft demagoguery of the Christian thing at Romney's expense.
But to Hbee's credit from Dionne:
When Romney attacked Huckabee, a former Arkansas governor, for supporting a proposed state program under which some children of illegal immigrants would have gotten help to attend college, Huckabee stuck to his guns. "In all due respect, we're a better country than to punish children for what their parents did," Huckabee said. I hope he's right.
Huckabee, the first male in his family to graduate from high school, got in a nice dig at Romney's very privileged background by noting: "I worked my way through college."
At a lunch with reporters yesterday, Huckabee did not back down a bit on immigration. "You can't just pander to the anger and hostility," he said. "If that costs me the election, then the country can pick a different guy."
As for McCain, he seemed disgusted by the odor of the nativist compost being spread around the stage. "This whole debate saddens me a little bit," he said. Of immigrants, he dared to declare: "These are God's children as well, and they need some protections under the law, and they need some of our love and compassion." I hope God blesses McCain for that.
What happened on Wednesday night is actually scary. A legitimate concern over the failures of our national immigration policy is being transformed into an ugly attempt to turn immigrants into scapegoats for all our discontents. The real shame is that both Romney and Giuliani know better....EJ Dionne.

That said, again, FRank Page, Burleson and Huckabee have forsaken the heart of their Baptist heritage on church state. If nothing else HBee's run for the Prez may shame them to righteousness, out of their shallowness to the place where Balmer and Truett and Kimball were all along but they through out when they embraced Patterson and Pressler, stepchildren of the John Birch Society.
What a wasted 30 years of Baptist life.


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