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Friday, January 11, 2008

BerlinBleau and on SBC and Huckabee

Jacques Berlinbleau has a two part analysis of Huckabee and the SBC at the Newsweek Religion Blog. He and NWeek's Howard Fineman both miss the point a little and in so doing join some of the lesser discussions at
In meantime I am flailing away trying to frame it better; and so far it has been elusive.

Click on Even Jacques and you're in the thick of the discussion there.
Even Jacques
by Stephen Fox on Mon Jan 14, 2008 1:58 pm
Berlinbleau misses the point at the Newsweek Religion Blog today.See the 8th comment there, my effort to get this thing right.I can only do so much.Bruce Gourley, I need help here; or maybe I am already too far out to lunch, and we know that is not the case ... ephes.htmlMy comment there:Jacques:What you say is interesting but in someways, like Fineman in Newsweek this week on Huckabee, misses the larger point.I have been groping at my blog and the Baptist discussion board encourage you to visit the Huckabee/Prescott post there--to make a more significant point.The crux of the HBee and SBC matter is somewhere in the shadows of Garry Wills Concluding chapters on the Rove Era in his Head and Heart. I think your colleague Randall Balmer would agree with me on this point, as he hints at it in Thy Kingdom Come.It is not so much about HBee and text of KJV as it is about Richard Land and Karl Rove's strategies vs the sophomoric ideals of HBee's populismIn the SBC Inerrancy of Scripture was just a tool, a convenient wedge issue for the larger designs of Exxon Oil and tax Breaks as implemented by Paul Pressler.Land courts Pressler and his strategy, at least winks at it; while Huckabee has contested it to some degree.Within the SBC there are the Memphis Declaration Reformers that include among others the Daughter of Nixon's Southern Strategist, Ginny Brant.Brant is Harry Dent's daughter.Exploring her thoughts vis a vis the assertions of Garry Wills should be the focus for you and Fineman.
Stephen Fox

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Earlier blog
Maybe will pick it up cause I think SBC Reform and the Legacy of Richard Land is a most worthy topic for the GOP Primary in South Carolina.
Chris Matthews is dancin around it; but he hasn't got a grip yet.
And don't forget, Richard Jackson was McCain's Wife's pastor at North Phoenix BC in Azona.
And we know how Richard Land politicked against Jackson.

Garry Wills is a must read, his Rove Era, for anybody who wants to be taken seriously engaging this seminal inflection
Click on Prentice and you can read what he said before this.
Prentice is a frequent poster at and you can read this earlier discussion there.

Prentice misses the point
by Stephen Fox on Fri Jan 11, 2008 3:55 pm
The strength of the Green Quote does not emphasize values as much as it speaks to class resentments and mistreatment the so called "values voters" have been played by Land and Rove the last 8 years.Problem is Land and Rove have messed the semantics up for political advantage, taking their cue from a Lee Atwater memo as far back as 84.Values as politically applied by Rove and Land are in reality dogma; and Frank Page, decent a man as he otherwise most likely is; apparently has neither the time nor the impication to take a good look at Garry Wills to get the strength of this point.It is a significant point; one that David Gushee understands, and I have to believe Mark Olson and Daniel Carro of the Leland Center understand as well.Huckabee is to be given credit for at least recognizing the ballpark this game should be played in; class differentials within the GOP. And I agree with Mark Shields of the GOP NewsHour, Huck did a masterful job conflating the idea of change as it effects economic disparities in the New Hampshire Debate.Again, SC is a great place to talk about Land and Page and SBC and GOP when it comes to a virtuous discussion of class within the GOP and how Land has let the country club Republicans play SBC fundamentalists for fools the last 8 years to keep the tax breaks going toward the Upper Income.That is where this discussion should park; not on the misnomered "values" discussion as you have, Prentice.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Re: Huckabee at Furman tonight at 7pm
by Prentice Fox on Fri Jan 11, 2008 10:19 am

Green's comments about "Stressing conservative moral values" are most appropriate in a broad evaluation of defining Huckabee's platform. "Huck" is not your stereotypical SBC preacher. He has been around the block a couple of times. Last night on FOX NEWS in Myrtle Beach, Mike was applauded with great vim and vigor. I predict that he will win in SC. I wonder what Frank Page will say about all this. Frank knows to not endorse a candidate; but he can exercise his First Amendment Rights and preach "VALUES" all the way to Election Sunday. Prentice

Who is this Prentis person and what point is he trying to get across?I read his post in its entirety on and it didn't make any sense at all to me-Your reply-however was perfectly understandable-I totally agree with your statement about tax breaks for the wealthy-Our government needs to quit catering to that select group of people and do more for our country as a whole-and why this Prentiss person can't understand that simple premise that you so eloquently stated is beyond me-

Keep up the good fight-

4:59 PM  
Blogger That Baptist Ain't Right said...

I am still trying to figure out what "Values Voters" really is all about. Then my son, a sophomore at Berry College, reminded me that all the "Value Voter" stuff had meaning. Real meaning. Code word meaning. It means: anti-abortion; lower taxes; anti-gay rights; harsher prison terms; pro-death penalty; more stringent divorce laws; more money spent on the War on Drugs; advancement of Blue Laws; pro-War in Iraq; more defense spending; pro-school vouchers; anti-union; curbing of civil liberties; repeal of Affirmative Action; etc.

I fail to see how those positions are "Values" or "pro-family" but that is the code. Don't believe me? Just listen next time & see where the "Family Values" always ends up. That train is right on time.

And the next step . . . theocracy.

7:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear That Baptist Aint Right:
Have your son see if the Berry Library has a copy of Garry Wills book, Head and Heart; or better check a Barnes and Noble in your Area and spend 40minutes or so reading The Concluding Chapter, The Rove Era.
It explains it better than anything I know.
Maybe google up Values Vote as Dogma. In tha past a couple good blogs have come up on that very point.
Would be great if your son could have Mark Olson of the Leland Inst; Charles Marsh of UVA or even GArry Wills come to Berry to explore some of these matters.
No kiddin; that's a great idea and money well spent at Berry; though I imagine Wills would be the pricier.

9:54 AM  

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