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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Detoxifying Churches

My blogging friend Ryan Hale has a very good blog up about Churches who Wound.

Do you know any like that?

Here is the core of Hale's piece:

I'll admit it right now; the meanest people I've ever met in my life are Christians. And those people will manipulate everything & everyone to get some power in the church because it gives them an avenue of legitimacy to just run over people. Stories are legion of deacons who are almost the Anti-Christ in charcter & action. I remember one WMU lady in particular . . . never mind.All of those things wound people. It is real. It hurts. And it is killing churches because they are losing numbers every day.The answer is that the churches need to seriously evaluate themselves. It means taking a long, hard look at what it is, why it is, how it got there, & where it wants to go. It means detoxifying itself --- a very painful process. It means talking to the community, former members, people who dislike the church & even people who simply "heard rumors" & then face up to its image & history. For many churches, it will mean public apologies & private weeping over past sins.

You can read his entire blog at


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This comment is for further deletion purposes. You may delete it now mr./mrs. moderator. I have no further comment. (p.s.--That is a comment)

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I realize this is not the place for this comment, but it is where I think the moderator will read it.

Suggestion: Instead of all the quotes, etc. from others, why don't you start something really interesting, like your views on the candidates and how they square with your beliefs? I think you could really have an active blog if you'd move more along those lines.
Anyone can go find what "those in the know" think about things, but it would be refreshing to have a free exchange of ideas from the "nobodies" (tic) of the world!
I'm a "nobody" and I'll bet there are lots more out there that would like to engage in some intelligent dialogue!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I'm a "nobody" and I'll bet there are lots more out there that would like to engage in some intelligent dialogue!"

I totally agree with you-I have been trying for some time to get the moderator of this blog to give me just one straight answer-evidently mr/miss moderator of 'asfoxseesit" needs to get his or her dictionary out and look up the definition of the word straight answer and then I ,you and the rest of us nobodies would finally get some honest talking going here!

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My dictionary tells me a straight answer is one that doesn't have any curves in it

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I tell you what is evasive; that is your identity.
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