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Monday, February 11, 2008

Floating a Presidential Ticket/And Renewal/Alarcon

An acquaintance has the following musings on an Obama ticket for 08.
I promised to air it here at my illustrious blog.

Barack Obama should start now trying to convince General Colin Powell to join his ticket as his running mate. Powell has shown no interest in running before, but, he wouldn't really be running a campaign, more like "going along for the ride." And Powell has been very supportive and admiring of Senator Obama.

Part of what Obama represents is a post-racial American politics. An Obama/Powell ticket would represent that plus a post-partisan politics as well.

Obama could assuage doubts even some of his supporters have about his experience and youth.

Powell could get a kind of redemption for the UN fiasco he was saddled with back in 2003, really the only blemish on his record of service. Powell has to accept some responsibility for that disaster, but he was also something of a pawn for Cheney et al. Powell's help with a successful handling of a withdrawal from Iraq would be the best answer to the invasion he warned against in the first place.

Obama is the only political figure in decades who could pull off a cross-party ticket - a truly uniting ticket. If it doesn't happen with him, chances are it won't be a possibilty for another generation or more.

A Presidential ticket that really had values that went beyond party lines would be exactly the revolutionary kind of approach people are hoping for and expecting out of Obama, and the ticket would be unbeatable.

Imagine the Vice Presidential debates. Colin Powell debating foreign policy with whatever Republican McCain chooses. Could it possibly be a contest?

If Obama and Powell could both be convinced that this ticket would be the best thing for America, I believe they would do it. They're patriots, after all.

Obama simply couldn't do better than General Powell. And frankly, General Powell couldn't do better than Senator Obama.

Fox> An email acquaintance and graduate of Indian Springs Prep School in Birmingham, Alabama, Peru, NYC and LA; the up and coming novelist Daniel Alarcon of has endorsed Obama for President in the TNR primary if you would like to google up the others.

Here is what Alarcon said:

In the newest issue of the magazine, fourteen eggheads and eminences wrote short essays announcing whom they'd be voting for and why. We'll be unveiling these responses on The Plank throughout the next two weeks. This is what Daniel Alarcón, author of War by Candlelight, had to say:
I spent last May with a group of writers touring Arab universities, meeting with students in Syria, Jordan, and Palestine. Whenever we were able to speak informally, politics--specifically, American politics--came up again and again. At times, the anxiety among the students we met was overwhelming. They wanted to know why we had gone to Iraq, why we had reelected Bush, why we had squandered our opportunity to lead. Which brings me to this year's presidential contest. I've never voted with much enthusiasm, and, certainly, this year feels different. Domestically, the Democratic candidates speak much the same language. But U.S. elections are not simply for internal consumption: Our choice will have an impact on our international standing. Barack Obama's global roots, his personal narrative, his ability to inspire--he, alone among the candidates, can usher in a new kind of foreign policy.

Fox> And in the spirit of this ticket is this call for Renewal today at the Newsweek Religion Blog by one of Ethel's sons.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"At a spiritual level, we know that we can't start over on our own. Mistakes, losses, failures, missed opportunities -- they're all inescapable parts of life. Sure, we can try to forget them: We can change jobs, move apartments, find new partners, open a new book. But on our own, the past lingers, the sour taste remains, the mistakes exact their emotional toll. We are trapped in finitude and unable to escape the deep flaws that accompany it. Failings -- especially our own -- are like acid: They eat away at us."

I clicked on the link that you provided at the end of your post-and found this wonderful quote-The author really hit the ole'nail on the proverbial head-When he talked about failings and how our own past transgressions eat at away at us like acid-i've found out that it is best to admit when I've been wrong about something-apologize to the person-or persons -that I've wronged-let it go-and get on with my life.What are your thoughts on this subject?

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