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Monday, March 31, 2008

John Killian and BabbTaylor on the Democrats

My conservative fundamentalist blogger friend John Killian has handicapped Hillary and Obama at his blog Musings from Maytown where he posts mainly about the SBC presidential race. has a great blog on the Dems and has weighed in on SBC matters with her take on the Patterson/Klouda court case at SWBTS, tying it to misogyny.
George Packer of has the sanest realpolitik to date on where the Dems stand. And The Plank at has daily salient analysis.
Inside sources--two calls away from the man himself--tell me look for Colin Powell to mute the likes of Sean Hannity and Oreilly and Anne Coulter soon.
The likes of Charles Kimball, Charles Marsh, Ginny Brant, and Brant's Sunday School friend from the days of FBC Columbia South Carolina under the preaching of Ed Young; friend Melissa Callison Kremer, wife of the pastor of St. Johns in Charlotte, these folks along with Tim Tyson, the UMC minister's son and adjunct proff at Duke could help a lot to explain what will really matter when the race comes to the North Carolina Primary.
In the meantime, I hope my friend Killian, will enroll Bob Terry and Rick Lance in a careful analysis of Bill Moyers conversation with Cory Booker last Friday night on the Journal on PBS.
I remain convinced the likes of Booker, Stephen Black, Artur Davis and Obama, along with my North Carolinas list above are the vortex of the Hope of This Country.

Stephen Fox


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