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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Proud of this Furman Senior/Update may 22

The Chronicle for Higher Ed has done a story on Furman and the Commencement at
The comments there are some of the most articulate to date; a lot of them from Furman alum, some hinting from current staff.
I hope any future stories that occur will get the thoughts of Baxter Wynn, brother to former chair of the SC GOP (now on staff at FBC Greenville); and former Furman proff Charles Kimball, now at Wake Forest. Both should have a good take on the Christian Fundamentalists who hosted Anne Coulter on campus recently and appear to be driving the revolt against the faculty.
My friend Randall Balmer weighed in May 12 with an opinion piece at Religion Dispatch you can easily google up.
Sfox, FU'75
Baron Hill, Obama delegate and US Congressman from Indiana, also Furman grad could be good interview as well.

Angel Cruz, a biology senior set to graduate on May 31, said she felt compelled to gather student signatures."It's our duty to voice our opinions about what we're thinking," said the 21-year-old Burnsville, N.C., native. "It is a political statement. He picked a southern school that's traditionally very conservative."Admitting that she considered dropping out of the effort when she learned her name had been submitted to the White House as an outstanding student whose accomplishments Bush might work into his speech, Cruz said she's glad she kept working on gathering more signatures."I want to be respectful and keep the honor in graduation and honor my fellow graduates and honor Furman," said Cruz, who won a grant to work in El Salvador after graduation. "We need to voice our opinion and let it be known how we feel about these things."

The above is from an AP Story.
Furman Conservatives are taking a lot of heat in the comment line of a story about President Bush doing the Commencement Speech May 31
A story went up this afternoon, May 20, at

And here are some other links:

Click here to view the faculty-led "(W)e Object" letter.
Click here to view the Furman Web site page with commencement information.

Press clippings:

"President Bush to speak at Furman graduation," Greenville News

"Professors object to President Bush's imminent arrival," The (Furman) Paladin

"Furman professors, students sign statement opposing Bush visit," Associated Press (similar stories in Spartanburg Herald-Journal, The (Columbia) State, The (Charleston) Post & Courier,, Myrtle Beach Sun-News, Charlotte Observer, Miami Herald, Boston Globe, Yahoo! News, Niagara Falls Review,

"Bush visit riles profs at Furman," Greenville News, Dan Hoover: "Somehow Bush escaped blame for the recent cyclone in Myanmar."

"Furman faculty deserve praise," Greenville News, letter to the editor by Stan Crowe (Furman English faculty member and signer of "(W)e Object" letter): "In a way that no doubt seems laughable and clumsy (for what, really, can they do), a good number of Furman faculty members are gesturing in the direction of ideas like truth, honesty, justice and compassion. I applaud them for it."

"Faculty dissent offends graduate," Greenville News, letter to the editor: "Any protest at an occasion honoring the university’s raison d’etre would be inappropriate, self-centered and childish. Commencement day belongs to the graduating class of Furman University, not to its faculty."

"Righten the ivory tower with free-speech power," Post & Courier, Frank Wooten: "College professors have a free-speech right to propagandize for the left — and to say 'We Object' to graduation speakers. And college students have a free-speech right to freshly challenge their professors' stale left-wing dogma — and to tell them to mind their manners."

"Despite woes, president is welcome," The Times & Democrat: "Bush’s problems aside, let’s be real. With more than 2,600 students graduating, the vocal 200 are by no means the majority -- and most students will remember fondly that a president addressed them at commencement.And according to The AP, they were the not-so-silent majority in speaking out on an internal message board. 'We underwent a tremendous amount of criticism, with students saying, ‘Don’t you dare ruin my graduation,'' [professor Carmela] Epright said."

"Faculty behavior isn't a surprise," Greenville News letter to the editor: "Faculty members, please put your opinions aside for the day. Do not embarrass Furman students, family and alumni."
Fox Greenville video

"Hundreds at Furman: Don't let Bush objectors skip graduation," Associated Press

"Furman student group slams foes of Bush speech," Greenville News


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