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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Sarah Palin and Libraries

Maybe it would be better to let well enough alone but this is intriguing and cuts several ways.
I have some cousins who are great folks who attend church with VP Candidate Palin in Wasilla, Alaska and they are of the highest order.
Well traveled, sharp folks of considerable virtue.
Even so this is out there.
I hope Ringgold Ga blogger picks it up as this seems to be right down her alley, good Baptist that she is and small town political candidate herself; not to mention good friend of Baptists Today editor John Pierce, Berry Grad.
Here's saying Oprah's one time book of the Month selection, Sheri Reynolds The Rapture of Caanan is up for discussion soon. It mighta made a difference; then again on The View this morning the women consensussed Kids make choices and there is not much parents can do about some of them.
The Bible says as much, and Baptists believe the age of accountability sets in about age six, some even say as early as Four.
I don't know, love to see what Babb Taylor makes of it.
For the Record, I shook hands with Joe Lieberman in South Carolina in Feb 2006. He said: "I never met a bad Baptist".

Here's the link:

Even more chilling is this, maybe bringing us back to the days of Father Coughlin through the back door.
It is time for Revival in the Land with Randall Balmer and Garry Wills as the Evangelists. I think Barbara Brown Taylor and Fleming Rutledge could shed some light as well.
I have to believe Marney in Heaven is looking down and saying here we Go Again.

Russ Douthat on the Grand NEW Party.


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