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Friday, September 05, 2008

SBC and Richard Land's ERLC a 527 Front for Birch Society??

Click on the links below for the background reading on this assertion.
With gifts to the Southern Baptist Convention's Cooperative Program, Baptists of any stripe and political sophistication--FBC Ft. Payne, Alabama, Dawson Memorial, Snyder Memorial, FBC Montgomery--all manner of like congregations across the South are bankrolling latter day politics of a John Birch Society sort.
Matthew Morgan of Collinsville, Alabama and Yale Div school understand this as do countless others raised in the tradition but have seen the light about what Jesus was trying to say in the Gospels about the Public Square and Justice.
You simply cannot hide behind the fetus while the rich shake down the poor and working poor.
John McCain's first choice was Joe Lieberman, a pro choice politician.
The biggest right wingers in the country, the Council for National Policy through James Dobson and SBC's Richard land placed Sarah Palin on the ticket.
See the Palin effect at Huffingtonpost and other links embedded in the discussion below.
The man who baptized Cindy McCain, Richard jackson, was victim of similar kind of politics McCain has now embraced in his choice of Palin at the coercion of James Dobson and Council for National Policy and Richard Land.
Baptists may find virtuous and honest reasons to vote for John McCain. Obama is not Jesus Christ, though Christ was a community organizer and Pontius Pilate was a Governor.
Like they did and are now shamed by their silence on Martin King, Southern Baptists with Richard land are again going the way of Pontius Pilate.
This, however is not about Race, as Corey Booker so eloquently explained in his interview with Qwen Ifill ten days ago on PBS.
This is however about justice and the overriding themes of the Gospel.
Will Rick Lance and Bob Terry and their ilk come clean on this matter; or like Pontius Pilate will they wash their hands and have nothing to do with this while Richard Land gets fatter.
Also check Johnny Pierce of Ringgold Georgia and Berry College and his blog of Sept 3 at
Richard Lands Prayer for Spiritual Revival and National Renewal is an ungodly maneuver, a swiftboating of the worst and venal kind.
Jesus through the money changers out of the Temple.
What will you do with your Cooperative Program Dollars and the Council for National Policy???????

Click on the Land Campaigns link to go to to click on the other links:

Land campaigns in concert with Palin effect
by Stephen Fox on Fri Sep 05, 2008 3:40 pm
And the Council for National Policy.It is my understanding Palin/McCain ticket will go to Colorado Springs to get Dobson's anointing next week.

And this confirmation from Dobson's boy In the Room as it were:

"I'm the only sane {person} in here." Doyle Hargraves, Slingblade"Midget, Broom; Helluva campaign". Political consultant, "Oh, Brother..."


Blogger foxofbama said...

And here is Robert Penn Warren through Sean Penn speaking to white cracker hicks, the working poor of his day, saying to our Day Nail Up the Council for national Policy and James Dobson and Richard Land.
See the Movie; Don't be Fooled again.
John McCain is a National Hero a Great American but in this Presidential Race he cut a deal with the Right Wing in this Country that don't give a Damn about you; that won't be good for anybody in the long run who makes less than 200,000 dollars a year.
Listen to me; Pretty as she is Sarah Palin is Joe Harrison; Richard Land and James Dobson and McMurphy.
My friend John Killian is a good fellow but he is fooled by the same mess.
Sarah Palin is not Abraham Lincoln, nor is she Lincoln's daughter.
John McCain has cut a deal with the very forces that destroyed him in South Carolina in Primary 2000.
Ask Bill Rauch in Beaufort, SC. You don't have to believe me.
Don't be fooled again.
Rent the Movie all The King's men and elevate your political acumen and ballot box inclinations.
Vote toward a more perfect and Just Society:

Willie Stark: They fooled you 1,000 times, just like they fooled me. But this time, I'll fool somebody. I'll stay in this race. I'm on my own and out for blood. Listen to me, you hicks! Lift up your eyes and look at God's blessed and unfly-blown truth. This is the truth! You're a hick. Nobody ever helped a hick but a hick himself. Listen to me, listen to me! They were going to use me to split the vote. But I'm standing here now on my hind legs. Even a dog can learn to do that. Are you standing on your hind legs? Have you learned that yet? Here it is, you hicks! Nail up anybody who stands in your way. Nail up Joe Harrison! Nail up McMurphy! If they don't deliver, give me the hammer and I'll do it. I want his throat cut from ear to ear.

Adam Stanton: What is my weakness?
Jack Burden: You can't look at something that's broke without having to fix it.
Adam Stanton: Why is that a weakness? WHY IS THAT A WEAKNESS?
Jack Burden: It makes you do things you don't wanna do.

Sadie Burke: The world is full of sluts on skates.

Willie Stark: Remember, it is not I who have won, but you. Your will is my strength, and your need is my justice, and I shall live in your right and your will. And if any man tries to stop me from fulfilling that right and that will, I'll break him. I'll break him with my bare hands, for I have the strength of many.

[repeated line]
Willie Stark: Nail 'em up!

3:39 PM  

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