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Monday, February 22, 2010

Nick Saban, Lowell Barron, Jeb Stuart and Tom Corts

The Eye Sees More than the Heart Can Know

I've been thinking about that phrase some lately. Friday I saw the Movie Blood Done Sign My Name from the book by Tim Tyson.
I have an autographed copy; saw Tim at Furman in fall of 2005 I think it was which woulda been about 7 months before May 28, 2006, a memorable day for me.
Jeb Stuart, a Prez minister's son from Gastonia, NC directs the movie.
In the movie and the book, Tyson wakes up one night in 1970 when he was 8 years old and sees the downtown of Oxford, NC burning to the Ground.
His Daddy was the UMC mininster there. My Daddy was a Baptist preacher in Gaffney, SC at the time. Tim told me at Furman he had written about an incident in Gaffney in 1956 and his essay is in Jumpn Jim Crow.
I've read it since. It is pretty strong.

In May of that year, a couple months earlier Nick Saban was at Kent State and witnessed the chaos there in the shootings and deaths of four students.
To paraphrase a line from No Country for Old Men, the Tommy Lee Jones sheriff tells his deputy that Anton Chigurh had just seen the things that they had seen and he imagines he'd be a little spooked too.
You don't see what Tim Tyson saw and Nick Saban saw without it staying with you.

About the time Alabama was to win the national championship this year Bham native Howell Raines got his 1983 piece on the Death of Bear Bryant and Bryant's opportunity to move George Wallace to better place for the sake of Alabma; got a revised link in the New Republic.
Here is that link.

The Conscience of the STate of Alabama, Wayne Flynt, and his Pastor, Jim Evans are offering Nick SAban to make a difference where Bear Bryant might have failed.
As Martin Luther King Jr. said,and I imagine the Heisman Trophy winner has heard: "Now is the Time".

Samuel Proctor, a noted Black Minister, friend of MartinKing is part of Tim Tyson's book and movie. Proctor preaches before all Hell breaks loose in Oxford and he talks about football.
I'm not threatening All Hell Breaking Loose; I'm just trying to prick Saban and Lowell Barron's conscience, cause the movie says it is wicked if you are silent when you know to do a good thing.
This blog is my good thing; maybe it will help my case when I stand before Sweet Jesus with the multitude of sins in my backpack.
Lowell Barron has told me he has had conversations with the late Tom Corts on several occasions about Constitutional Reform. If Barron has a better argument that Corts, Flynt and Evans, we need to hear it transparent and strong.
We also need to hear a word from Nick Saban about it. I'm sure Stephen Black is available to give him all the information he needs.
Here are several links for Barron and Saban.
It's another Kent State, Oxford NC moment.

Jim Evans Parable about Alabama and the Old House

The witness of Evans parishioner, Wayne Flynt

Howell Raines on Bear Bryant and George Wallace; as text for Nick Saban and his conscience.

Does Saban owe his Heisman trophy winner any more than the opportunity he has given him?,0


Blogger foxofbama said...

Here is a comment I just submitted to Senator Barron's site:

ator Barron:

I have a blog up today with several outstanding links to essays by Auburn pastor Jim Evans, His parishioner Wayne Flynt, and a Howell Raines piece from 1983 on the legacy of Coach Bear Bryant and how it inflected the politics of George Wallace for good or ill.
Bring it all home to Nick Saban and what role he might consider in the discussion over Constitutional Reform.
I broach your name in a couple places and some of the brief conversations we have had about Tom Corts and his work for Constitutional Reform.

I'm aware of the thinking of Bama 3rd District US congressman, former congressman on the matter, but I am convinced Evans, Corts and Flynt trump him on this matter.
I am of the opinion you have some political capital to spare here and can go against your history on this matter, do something surprising and take a lead I have to believe in your heart your children and Grandchildren will be most proud of you someday.
But then again EVans spells out many reasons why you may go as you have in the past.

I appreciate the civility you have shown me on many occasions, even our exchanges on statewide APTV, and our brief chat in Collinsville couple years ago about Auburn President Muse.
I hope things otherwise with you are well.
During your deliberations and vote on Constitutional Reform, Do ask yourself what Judge Frank Johnson, Albert Brewer, Tom Corts and former President DAvid Matthews would do; even summon the ghost of Hugo Black.
Looking forward and not saying that sarcastically to your explanation of whatever course you take on this matter.


Stephen Fox

Please invite your several staff to take a look at my blog on this as well

9:46 AM  

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