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Sunday, May 16, 2010

No Protestant on the Supreme Court

Robert Parham does an excellent job framing the question at

I don't have a lot to add other than I think that if there is a Protestant in the future the likes of Oliver Buzz Thomas, formerly a school board member in Alcoa, Tennessee, or his colleague Charles Haynsworth, would be much much better than some nominee of Casey Mattox and the Christian Legal Society; though all other things being equal I think I could support Casey for Dekalb County School Board, possibly even someday a successor to Lowell Barron, if Casey were to come out for Constitutional Reform in the State and he were interested in the job.

But I digressed.
So in the meantime here is the matter at hand:

Parham at his Best on the SCOTUS


Blogger Georgia Mountain Man said...

Hmm. Pat Buchanan says there are too many Jews on the SCOTUS. Shoot, I think there needs to be more Methodists.

1:42 PM  
Blogger Stephen said...

I don't see a big issue with the religious makeup of the SCOTUS. Legal issues are supposed to be neutral, objective, and transparent. Now, I know that is not the way it works out sometimes. I really only want a justice that applies the law objectively and without bias. Unfortunately, President Obama prefers those who have some kind on empathy for groups of people or someone who will include case law when deciding cases.

One statement I find interesting, mainly because it is based on historical inaccuracy is that of Susan Brooks Thistlethwaite who is quoted as saying "the kind of Protestant spirit that drove the 'Founding Fathers' to disestablish religion (i.e., make it unconstitutional for states to financially support their favorite Protestant denomination) has a place in the mix, especially these days."

Talk about rewriting history!!!!! The Founding Fathers did not disestablish religion!! There was no established religion under the Articles of Confederation and the First Amendment simply guaranteed that the new federal government would not establish one. They left the issue of religion up to the states. The states, however, disestablished religion at various times, the last being Massachusetts (I believe in 1833...maybe 1818...sometime in the 1800s). It is a common misconception that the First Amendment disestablished religion...and this myth is used by folks of all political stripes to push whatever agenda they espouse. So in sum the First Amendment DID NOT "make it unconstitutional for states to financially support their favorite Protestant denomination."

Historical revisionism, indeed!!

7:54 PM  

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