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Friday, March 26, 2010

Tea Party, Baptist Deacons and Matthew Morgan

Matthew Morgan is a product of Collinsville Baptist Church and the Collinsville School System.
He is also a graduate of Yale Div School now working with the UMC in NYC.
Mary Anne Cole is the niece of Houston Cole, longtime former President of JSU in NE Alabama.
Mary Anne and the Fox family go back at least two generations in Rome Georgia where her family was great friends of my Dad, Uncles and sisters.
Mary Anne is a GOP Bama Committee Woman and head of the Tea Party Movement in NE Alabama; a member of First Baptist Church, Fort Payne.
Also from NW Georgia is Ed Kilgore, now with who had this fascinating conversation with Sarah Posner you can hear here online:

It is a fascinating conversation I hope my friends from Hugo Black's grandson Stephen, to Chic Fil A's Dan Cathy who sat near me in Robert Crapps religion class at Furman fall of 1971 will listen to.

Influential progressive Baptists are taking this up--Kilgore and Posner celebrate Baptist ideas of separation of church and state historically; Kilgore raised a Southern Baptist.
Robert Parham here:
to the former editor of NC Baps Biblical Recorder . I have also brought it to the attention of Adrian Rogers son David in the Christ and Culture Blog at

I think all of us are concerned about the rhetoric of some fundamentalist baptists from Harry Dent's great friend, Ed Young, who Parham spotlights, to some Baptist Deacon bloggers who are preparing for the Apocalypse.
Parham calls on discussions of these matters. I hope Collinsville Baptists wider network of John III, Matthew andSusan W. Morgan; Becky Kennedy; FBC Ft. Payne's Vandy Educated Cherilyn Crowe and their visitting preacher Jon Appleton whose great grandfather is large frame picture in the Overstreet Room of theCollinsville Baptist Church where my Mother was baptized; who they take up Parham's call to engage the discussion.
Matthew in NYC is just a short walk away from our friend Randall Balmer who has written about counterfeit Baptists and other matters.
Appleton will be preaching in the Sunday Morning service in May at FBC Ft Payne as part of their year long anniversary 125 year celebration.

Do read Parham, Cartledge; and listen to Posner and Kilgore.
I am having some conversations with Kilgore. I will link this in an email to Mary Anne and after she has time to listen to P and K, will be more than happy to share her comment in the response line here if she would like to offer a response.


Finally sing along with me and Annie Lucas Brown, Oscar Romero, Martin and Jesus who Rises Again Week from this Coming Sunday.

As many notorious and some not so have said: "It's in the Bible."

Hades Yes We Can:

Utube Countdown with John Boehner:


Blogger foxofbama said...

I got a kind note from Mary Anne of the blog. I am convinced her intentions for her event in Ft. Payne are of conviction, but would be interesting to see how she navigates some questions about Sarah Palin's association with the Tea Party movement.
In the past Ms Cole has told me she favors ordination of women for pulpit ministry, so she is not your average BFM 2000 Southern Baptist.

7:25 PM  
Blogger 幸雨 said...

很用心的blog,推推哦 ........................................

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