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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Bama Baptist Tea Party leader Prefers Artur Davis

Killian was one of my guests on Tax Reform late August of 2003 in a panel at Collinsville Baptist Church. Five months later I was voted out off the church rolls.
Killian was against it; remarkable evening nonetheless.
Since then I have worshipped at his church in Maytown, in February of 2009 to hear the Larry Nelson Singers of NW Arkansas sing about Jesus. They brought tears to my eyes, singing about Momma, and Climbing Jacob's Ladder.
They come from the heart of Sundance celebrated movie Winter's Bone.
But I digress.
Killian announces preference for Artur Davis.
I'm not sure what to make of it. I hope Kate Campbell heard as she was singing this weekend at East Lake UMC down the street from Bull Connor's Woodlawn where he had his Jabbok's Ford wresting with John Rutland, one of Bama's finest UMC preachers. If you don't believe me, read Paul Hemphill's Leaving Birmingham.

Not sure what to make of my friend Killian. Will have to see what Mike Shaw thinks before I can confirm what looks like a confounded endorsement.
Or another way of saying, Lookout Jesus,it's Paris Trout.

Just maybe this is Change you can believe in, to paraphrase Sarah Palin.
What will Joe Godfrey say??

And or Nick SAban; speaking of which I do hope he saw the Allen Iverson movie on ESPN last week.
Public challenge here to Dr. Killian and Mike Shaw and Joe Godfrey. Don't waste anytime in gettin your hands on a copy of David Remnick's The Bridge.
I'm sure my friend Annie Lucas Brown will help you expedite the Bama Interlibrary loan system if you can'tmake time to go by the Hoover Barnes and Noble and at least read the chapter on the SC Prez Primary 2008; and while you're in there check out Rove's chapter in his Consequences book on SC 2000.
As Jeremiah Wright said: "It's in the Bible."


Blogger John Killian said...

Brother Fox, if I were to vote in the Democratic primary, I would vote Artur Davis.
However, I am voting in the Republican Primary for Tim James.
If the Republicans nominate liberal Bradley Byrne, I will strongly consider voting for Artur Davis. But, at this time, I am wholeheartedly supporting Tim James

2:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how do u do?................................................................

7:54 AM  

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