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Monday, March 22, 2010

Obama, Mormons, Baptists, Schlaffly and the Tea Parties

This will be kind of a catch all blog as I have been thinking about these disparate matters for some time.
I think you will like the links.
First, Matthew Morgan, Russ Beene, myself and residents and former residents of DeKalb County Alabama voted for Barack Obama and today we have right to be proud of him.

I cannot say it any better than Mr. Chait at TNR.

A good Mormon died a few days ago. As you see in the following obit, it was Lady Bird Johnson who had some good Alabama Baptist preachers in her ancestry who saw the worth in this Grand Mormon as others did as well. He was the Great Grandson of John Doyle Lee, key figure in the Mtn Meadows Massacre as you see in this obit at the NY Times:

Here at Easter Udall strikes me as a better Mormon than some of the Baptists I talk about in the comment line from this blog:

Church as Family, or Families who rule Churches. There are a lot of good extended families in local Baptist churches, but some times they get off the track into resentments and struggles for status that in some communities quickly break down into conflicts that warp what Jesus had in mind.

At Same time Jefferson is getting diminished so Phyliss Schlafly can rise. And this country,Baptists in particular are in trouble when they elevate Schlalfly passed Jefferson's letter to Danbury Baptists. On that I think even Casey Mattox would agree.

And finally Tea Parties and epithets hailed at John Lewis. Those two links to follow:

Schlafly or Jefferson

Re: Tea Party Ugliness: John Lewis Called N-Word


Blogger Joe Blackmon said...

Question: What do you get when take take garbage, stack it 6 feet high, and teach it to talk/blog?

Answer: Stephen Fox, of course.

12:02 PM  
Blogger foxofbama said...

Hey Joe:

You know what Sam the Lion says toward the end of The Last Picture Show don't you?
Listen, thanks for pointing me to Russ Moore's blog. I left a note there and invoked your name since you have been such a Brother in Christ Jesus to me lately; such a fine example of the Gospel you say you believe, but show no evidence; at least not in my experience.
I linked Moore's blog at You may want to join the discussion there.
As Momma says to Cletus in the Nutty Professor: It ain't nuthin but a short walk.
Say your Bedtime prayers tonight and say em sweet cause you want the whole world to know of your walk with Him,now don't you.
Heaven awaits the Godly like you; and you have your inerrant Bible with your picture on it I'm sure and you show it to yourself every night cause you are the Chosen Joe; no doubt about it; None Whatsoever.

5:40 PM  
Blogger Joe Blackmon said...

Someone who claims to be a Christian but holds to completely unbiblical, heretical positions should EXPECT to be rebuked. Now, if you didn't claim to be a Christian (which you really don't...I mean, you won't even answer Dave's simple question) you would deserve a different response but you sully the name of my Lord and Savior with your filthy positions. Therefore, you get talked to the way you deserve to get talked to. I suspect when Paul opposed Peter to his face in Galatians he didn't talk sweet to him.

Thank you for proving the CR was right and that it didn't go NEARLY far enough.

5:33 AM  
Blogger foxofbama said...

Thanks for rebuking me, Joe. I feel better now knowing I have been rebuked by one of God's finest righteous ones.

And you have a Nice Day as well.

7:10 AM  

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