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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Bama Immigration, Kris Kobach, and theSouthern Baptist perversion of Bonhoeffer

This one is a little above my paygrade but I'm gonna take a shot at it. Come back to this in a few weeks as I may refine my assertions here.
To frame where Southern Baptists are now read the Paul Harvey opinion piece at on the Name Change and how if Heaven aint a Lot Like Dixie, the SBC would just as soon stay home. Sets things up nicely for Kobach and the brown shirts and the legacy of Albert Lee Smith in Bama
The March April issue of Mother Jones magazine--on newstands now at Barnes and Noble, BAM, and your better public libraries--has a feature on the Bama Immigration law and a profile of Kris Kobach.
Albert Lee Smith's widow, Eunie, introduced Kobach to Bama St. Senator Beason and now the front cover of the Bama Baptiss has the elected of the Bama SBC praying over Deacon Gov Bentley who told Cherokee County, Bama and SEBTS educated probate Judge Melvyn Salter he, Bentley stands behind the law.
UMC Bishop and former Duke Chaplain Will Willimon, stands agsinst it. With Progressive Baptist Robert Parham whose documentary Willimon endorses, Kobach has a lot of Christian detractors in the state.
But Willimon and Parham are still waiting on a call from the Annie Lucas Brown endorsed Collinsville Library to have a public showing of Parham's documentary. The chances of it being shown at Collinsville Baptist Church are slim, as they are at FUMC Ft. Payne
Maybe some of the good Christians in Dekalb County will read the MJ article, wring their hands on Easter morning and say: "I wish we coulda done more."
Next will be short examination of Kobach, Timothy George and the Barmen Declaration
This is important. Cut and paste this link

George waxxing long on Bonhoeffer in the heart of Alabama just a county away from Selma. And for the life of him he couldn't bring himself to talk about Kris Kobach and the Alabama Immigration law.
Harvard Divinity School and no reference to my knowledge to Publitzer Prize winning writer Marilynne Robinson's essay on Bonhoeffer in the Death of Adam.
I have no degree from Harvard, but I have read Robinson on Bonhoeffer and I made a B in Miss Chadwick's Advanced Composition class at Gaffney High in 72.
And I have listened to Charles Marsh's magisterial essay on Bonhoeffer and MLKing online from Berlin of March 2010.
You can listen to it too.

You read the essay of MRob for yourself and see if you don't find Tim George to put it mildly; inadequate to this poignant time in Bama, where the Gov is out to lunch on everything George Wallace should have learned from Martin and Judge Frank Johnson.


Blogger foxofbama said...

Here is a transcript of my remarks, though they misspelled my name



OK. To Keener, Ala. Hi, Steven.



Yes. Yesterday, I read the current issue of Mother Jones, the feature on immigration and how it's played in Alabama with our Southern Baptist deacon governor and Kris Kobach. In Tennessee and in Georgia, it's going to be interesting to see how that -- as Kobach toured the South Carolina primary with Mitt Romney and has endorsed Mitt Romney for president.



In Tennessee, some progressive Baptist friends of mine, Robert Parham of the website has joined with the bishop of United Methodist in North Alabama, Will Willimon, the former chaplain at Duke, to stand against the Alabama version of immigration bill. And Parham had a editorial in the National Tennessean asking the presidential candidates not to discuss immigration in that state as they are facing a similar bill to Alabama.



All right.



But with Santorum's link with Tancredo and Romney's link to Kris Kobach, that looks like it may be wishful thinking.



All right. To Chris.

Transciprt should Read Nashville Tennesean. My remarks Weds on NPR Dianne Rehm show. My name is spelled Stephen

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