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Monday, March 18, 2013

SBC Tea Party Reps Lankford and Gowdy; and Fox News

  I've had interesting experience chatting with D.C. staff of some Tea Party Republicans in last few weeks. Kinda feel like Nick of Trey Gowdy's staff is my new best friend. S.C. Senator Lindsey Graham has a staffer Patrick of Clemson who has been on staff for 18 months but not familiar with Norm Ornstein's Its worse than it looks.

   As much as Graham is on Fox News looks like he could find a better group of crackerjackers for his staff if he's gonna be fair and balanced.

   But here is what's in my craw this morning. Last night Southern Baptist US Rep Lankford of OK was on Huckabee and Fox News. Closed the segment, Huckabee did with a snarky reference to Jeremiah Wright.

   I called the righteous Lankford's office this morn and announced to the gracious young woman, an Oklahoma Baptist student intern, Melissa Rogers just joined the Obama White House as faith based liaison.

   Everybody can read the story.

   Melissa Rogers is an authentic Baptist, not one of the pretenders like Gowdy and Lankford who came of age in Paul Pressler's Southern Baptist Convention. I told the young woman to tell Rep Lankford Mark Noll has a review of Dochuck and Williams he can google at New Republic for remedial education.

   Gowdy and Lankford and their kind displaced the likes of solid mainstream Christians the likes of Waco's Chet Edwards, and my Furman classmate of 75 Baron Hill of Indiana.

   And there was nothing fair and balanced in that Tea Party campaign on 2010.

   So here:

   Giberson and Stephen and their book The Anointed

   Joe Crespino's Strom Thurmond's America

    Norm Ornstein's Its Worse than It Looks.

   STeven Miller on Billy Graham.

   And for Governor Huckabee, come on Gov, if Jeremiah Wright is what ills America, then as an minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ who surely is aware of the Biblical Injunction not to bear false witness, let's do a reading of David Maraniss on Barack Obama before you utter that lie again.

   Look for further discussion and this blog link on the facebook wall of Spartanburg Day School, FBC Spartanburg, S.C. and in the public policy chat at

   And of course Rep Lankford's facebook wall and Rep Gowdy.


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