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Monday, September 23, 2013

Bama House Speaker Mike Hubbard a "Soul Molester?"

      I had a good chat with Hubbard's longtime staffer Boone Kinard last week in advance of this blog. And this morning had brief conversation with new Auburn FBC pastor Tripp Martin about Hubbard's oped carried statewide last week about school prayer. I am look forward to a public conversation between Hubbard and Martin on church state and justeice issues as they were raised almost neighbors in NE Georgia, Hartwell and Augusta; and Martin's wife is a product of First Prez, Greenville S.C.

     In late 90's the grand Baptist Will Campbell coined the phrase "soul molesters" to describe the fundamentalists who took over the Southern Baptist Convention and threatened good schools like Samford and Furman. Now Hubbard is playing up to these fundies in the Tea Party playing the same game Jesse Helms and Albert Lee Smith--the Bircher whose wife was central in Hubbard's draconian immigration bill.

     Here is how Campbell addressed the matter just 8 years ago.

    Hubbard, a Methodist in good standing at FUMC Auburn seems willfully ignorant of all this in the face of Auburn proff Wayne Flynt and recent FBC pastor Jim Evans addressing it for ten years and more.

   Hubbard, like Helms and Albert Lee Smith is playing Bible politics now that his kind of politics can't play the race card anymore, all the while pimpin good folks like Bo Jackson and Herschel Walker and the 17 athletes of color who take the field for the Auburn Tigers every week.

  How is that voter suppression strategy playin in their hometowns.

   Hubbard has a little soul work to do. I suggest he have a weekend with the new UMC Bishop of North Alabama and see how the Wesleyan commitment to social justice is playing with his strategies. The presentation I heard Debra Wallace-Padgett make at FUMC Ft. Payne last Monday has nothing in common with Hubbard's politics that I can see.

   The summer issue of Oxford American Magazine--founded by John Grisham-- has a review of Brandt Ayers and Tray Thompson recent books about Tea Party politicians of Hubbard's stripe. Reviewer Hal Crowther burns Hubbard's brand of sheened up Wallace 60s politics and does so righteously.

    My friend Randall Balmer of will deliver the Holly-Hull lecture Thurs morn October 3 at 10:00 am in Reid Chapel at Samford University. Will be interesting to see what of Hubbard's strategy is left standing after that presentation.


Blogger akayaya said...

Is the Holly-Hull lecture open to the public?

2:29 PM  
Blogger akayaya said...

Is the Holly-Hull lecture open to the public?

2:29 PM  
Blogger foxofbama said...

Yes, in Reid Chapel at ten am October 3. You may want to find Balmer's Book on the distortions of the religious right before your attend. This will be his third lecture at SAmford in 15 years

3:50 PM  

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