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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Auburn University's Living Democracy

     If you search for the title above you should bring up the Facebook wall of an interesting place that is most timely for immigration reform. Mary Beth Snow of Decatur, Al--her Dad is a principal of a middle school there, in Gov Brewer's stomping grounds--has been in Collinsville for about four months as part of the project. Others have been elsewhere across the state. Each has to date filed about six reports and counting. The project was subject of a feature story around July 14 in the Bham News.

   In Collinsville, Ms Snow stayed with the pastor of the Hispanic Church of Christ. She is about the 4th liaison in the last 25 years to give Collinsville statewide attention, now with the internet national attention. My friend Brett Morgen later an Oscar nominee of Sundance fame was in town in 92 to do a documentary on statewide TV, APT. Ten years later U Bama Center for Public TV did the same and it got shown APT, titled Coming to A Crossroads. The Pacers initiative for rural schools from UBama parked out in Collinsville in the late 90s for about four years running, and Collinsville has been the subject of several front page features in the Bham News and Anniston Star.

   And there is my blog here. LOL. But pretty much aint no secret what's going on.

    Upshot is time for the AULD to up the ante on Auburn Network, House Speaker Mike Hubbard and lets have a regional conversation with the Whole World Watching on Immigration reform.
      Get Brandy Ayers up to speed on Ms. Snow's reports and put him on panel in Collinsville with Hubbard, Wayne Flynt; have Bishop Willimon in town and or Congressman Gutierrez, and let's get goin. They can take it on tour to joint session with Bham Sthrn and Samford, maybe have Samford Prez Westmoreland good friend Mike Huckabee of Fox News on that panel, and then on to Tuscaloosa and put Nick Saban's Priest Father Gerald Holloway in the conversation there; maybe add Trayvon, Stand Your Ground, and Voting rights to the chatter in the road show.

     Brandt Ayers new book In Love with Defeat is subject of sterling review in summer issue of John Grisham's Oxford American Magazine. I've been in touch with Speaker Hubbard's office trying to get him to do some remedial reading, along with my friend Sam Hodges For the Love of Alabama. If nothing else maybe some of the locals in Collinsville will join them, maybe the Study Club, the Historical Association and the Librarian--Ms. Snow mighta done a little hagiography on the local lyburrian in her report--and the Baptist Deacons. After 25 years of attention that would be progress indeed for Collinsville, a little remedial reading by the Movers and Shakers.

    As my Momma liked to quote the Bible Verse: "I would not have you ignorant, Brethren....."


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