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Saturday, August 03, 2013

Auburn, Democracy, Immigration Reform and Tolerance

   Recently Mary Snow, Auburn Living Democracy gal in Collinsville served notice on the Collinsville facebook wall of that group--they have several walls as almost daily reports in the Birmingham News--she would not "tolerate" my exploration of the roles of the town librarian and one of her trustees on that facebook wall.
   This rising sophomore at Auburn has made several interesting reports online in many venues about her stay to date in Collinsville.
    To date she has made no exploration taken no examination to my knowledge on the elephant in the room immigration reform. Such a piece that talks to Speaker Hubbard of the Auburn network, to Ms Wilkins, to the study clubs to the leaders of the Historical Association, to the Ministerial alliance would be interesting indeed.

     At some point the enlightened Christian community of Alabama must ask the question can it Tolerate all this energy, this commotion, this attention given to a project that on the face of it has the promise of much merit, if it cannot examine immigration reform in the most ethnically town in the state where reportedly half the members of the state championship soccer team this year are undocumented.

    And yes Ms. Snow, that includes an examination of the views of Ms. Wilkins and Myles Smith, as well as the economy of the Frog Pond and surrounding housing and realty transactions including Guatemalan churches.

   Ask Dr. Wilson, Wayne Flynt, even General Krulak at Bham Southern or Brandt Ayers what they think about it, toleration and the Frog Pond Economy.

Here on a tangential matter is a link to my July 3 piece in the Ft. Payne Times Journal concerning the Colllinsville Historical Association; make that coming soon


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