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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Ivy League on Outskirts of Collinsville/ Jonathan Edwards

Yesterday at the Pine Grove Annual two day Sacred Harp Convention--4th Sunday in August and the Saturday before--had a great lunch conversation with two students who had come down from the Northeast, one a Geology major, Senior at Yale and the other incoming Freshman at Brown. The young female Yalie was a direct descendant of Jonathan Edward's predecessor of the Northbridge Church made famous for the Great Awakening and Edwards dismissal from Same. I had been rereading an anthology of critical essays on Edwards and reminded Rev Stoddard was Edwards predecessor and two days later talking to a direct descendant.

Just last week read a piece for the first time by Molly Worthen on decline in SBC after the fundamentalist takeover. Peter Gay in late 60's found Jonathan Edwards in some ways to be just as tragic a figure compared to the Enlightenment as Molly Worthen consensus found fundy leadership in SBC  compared to the trajectory of President Carter's faith pilgrimage as explained by Randall Balmer.

Footnote, we sang David's Lamentation; last song before lunch. 268 on the top.

Here is some background reading on this great American figure of the Great Awakening


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