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Friday, November 06, 2015

Notasulga Alabama and the Collinsille Cricket

  Last Night I attended the historic performance at the Cricket Theatre in Collinsville Alabama. Go to facebook and register the Auburn Mosaic Theatre Company and there are links there to a Southern Torch piece on the Cricket and a link to the Tuskegee Oral History project that was the muse for this reading last night.

      Strong performance by the student group and strong subject matter on the integration of Tuskegee High School in 63 with names like Bobby Kennedy, John Dorr and Governor Wallace sprinkled throughout. I spoke to some of the cast after the show, and the director before.

     She is from Lagrange, Ga, and the oral history project was conducted by Auburn's Mark Wilson, the chair of the search committee that brought Auburn's most recent FBC pastor to town. Auburn is one of the strongest CBF congregations in the state where Pulitzer nominee Wayue Flynt teaches an unflinching Sunday School Class. So some of the locals have some explaining to do re the Cricket Glory last night and the events of May 28, 2006 in the Collinsville Baptist Church. See Exiled Generations, UTenn Press, Carl Kell Editor.

     I was particularly impressed Tori Lewis, who was the voice of Tuskegee White Aristocrat Helen Lewis, born 191; and Daphney Portis who was the voice of Wilma Jones Scott and Marsha Sullins Slocum. I would like to meet the real Ms Sullins Slocum a woman of color in Tuskegee born in 47. Her oral history for my ticket was the apotheosis in a stellar bunch.  And I liked the detail in one voice of an Uncle "Detroit" Lee. Began ringing authentic for my ear at that early point in the show.

    Tori is a native of New Mexico and lived all over in a military household, but had one of the best Bama accents in the ensemble. I asked her later if that was natural or an affect and she said she's worked on it.

     They had a workshop atMomma's alma mater today, where just back in February some national news was gained when our county school school rupe supe denied a viewing to the history class of the movie Selma. So there is some resolution in that aspect.

     With the caveats above, all in all a grand end of the week for the local History club, Martha and her Vandellas and Collinsville High School.

    Notasulga grabbed my attention as one of the Tuskegee voices was from there. Cousin Tim Wood lived on Notasulga street in Rome, Ga and Wyche Fowler made the name famous for me in a tale he told all over Ga when he ran for for US Senate in 84 or so with a story about his days on the weekend in Atlanta as dispatcher in the constabulary.

    Now I guess it's on to Marco Rubio in Guntersville December 1 and let's win there!


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