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Friday, March 18, 2016

Is Winston Prentice Fox and his kind to Blame for the Trump Disaster

     Prentice Fox is my Dad's Brother, Ten years younger. He graduated from CArson Newman College in 1953 and a few years later from Southeastern Baptist Seminary in the town of Wake Forest nearly a classmate of Ed Young, who became an influence on Ted Cruz at 2nd Baptist Church Houston.

    Prentice was a relative I admired when I was younger as he talked up the likes of Carlyle Marney and other progressives in Baptist life. Was an indication you could have a mind a be a Baptist when Billy Graham was the face of the mess in the 60s. But it appears Prentice talked Marney for status and sees the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention as a joke failing to distinguish between Adrian Rogers and Jesse Helms and Albert Lee Smith on one hand; and the virtuous witness of Bill Self, Randall Lolley, James Dunn , Will Campbell, even Carson Newman current President Randall Obrien on the other.

     He now reports Donald Trump to be a better for America than Hillary Clinton, and his politics even while visiting Bonhoeffer's Germany on many occasions to be lukewarm spit and no indication of what is proper direction for the country.

   Last Night CNN analyzed in the presence of Bakari Sellers, North Carolina to once again to be in play.

   If we wake up in November and we are living in Donald Trump America , we can think millions of Prentice Fox's for dropping the ball and making us bastard children of the promise of Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr and the likes of Randall Lolley and Bill Self who Prentice knew in Seminary.


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