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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Alabama stories about Larry Bird sightings and near sightings

     John Morgan's recent column in the Southern Torch was one of his better ones. He can tell a good story. This one was about Larry Bird and a HS basketball game Morgan almost saw. You can read it at the link in this running history of the Collinsville Baptist church, just a couple clicks away

    Turns out there was a good story about Bird a few years earlier, this one I heard from a dairy farmer in Indiana who comes down sometimes twice annually to the Sacred Harp Singings in Collinsville and Henegar. This story I heard about three miles from where Morgan preaches and my Mother was baptized in 1936 or so. See The Exiled Generations, U Tenn Press.

    Dairyman said he was out on a big farm with a friend in the early 90s and the fellow said, there is my new neighbor there across the fence I want you to meet him. So the singer goes over and is introduced to Larry Bird and it was the first this native Indianan had ever heard of him. His friend couldn't believe it. The dairyman is quite gregarious but basketball was not his universe.

    I told the dairyman the story Sunday at the annual Spring singing, two more to go for me in the county between now and September. I told him Morgan's story and he said I got a new one.

   Said a friend of his had done well and now living in a gated community near Indianapolis. Dairyman repeated several times this was really a nice neighborhood. Said through those connections the friend was in big time Chamber of Commerce meeting where a banker was bragging on said neighborhood and the new resident, Larry Bird.

    A short time later the friend saw the banker again and asked how the new neighbor was doing in the community. The Banker was little embarrassed as Bird was seen on a John Deere cutting his own grass, a faux pax in this gated community. Bad style to do your own grass.

    I guess you can't take the French Lick out of one of the greatest of all time.

    For me I'm proud of Bird. If you have a Bird story, especially one you heard in Alabama, please share.



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