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Friday, May 13, 2016

Rick and Bubba's Bad Theology, Bad Humanities and Politics

      Rick and Bubba of Jacksonville State University are taking their piss poor theology and half assed political moral leanings to new fundamentalist lows on their four hour radio carnival. They are syndicated throughout Bama and Mississippi and the Southeast.

    I called the White House this morning hoping to get in touch with Melissa Rogers on staff there, a Grand literate Baptist with roots in the Church of the Covenant in Birmingham.

     Long story short Rick Burgess half ass Scripture quoting and political assertions don't past muster. I am convinced they don't past muster with the late Tom Corts of Samford, H Brandt Ayers of the Anniston Star, a long time guiding light at JSU; Hardy Jackson, the Christian and well respected History proff there, nor the legacy of the great Alabama Republican Judge Frank Johnson.

    Bubba helped bring the Davis Cup to Bham. Proud of them for that and I enjoy them when they pontificate on things they know a little about like the Andy Griffith show or the Bear and Golden Flake potato chips. But when they get passed their limited area of expertise, the bad grammar aw shucks bull shit is a callous on the improvement of the state.

     To paraphrase Connor in the Road to Perdition, if it weren't "all so fuckin hysterical" it wouldn't be some harmful to the work of Jesus Christ as Bonhoeffer and Martin Luther King understood it. But after a while a diet of this horseshit is dangerous and has a cascading effect for the unraveling of the Country.

    They talk about mannin up all the time. Let Jax State have them on two hour panel this fall to talk about their horse manure with Hardy Jackson, David Matthews of the Civic Center, Mark Wilson of Auburn University Democracy Project, even Nick Saban and let's get some some perspective on the dangers of Burgess and Bussey half assed fundamentalist  understanding of Scripture and the work of Christ in the world.


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