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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Bonhoeffer's epiphany

   Reading Bonhoeffer Monday night, the chapter on the young scholar at 25 and his University days studying Harnack and Schleiermacher and Barth, I was taken back to the fall of 72 when under the tutelage of Albert Blackwell I was introduced to Shleiermacher.
    Then some forty years later reading a chapter I hadn't focused on in the first read of Charles Marsh's a Strange Glory for a moment I had some insight of what might have been had a taken a more disciplined academic course.

   This mind you in the company of Jeremy Bell, a constable in Collinsville Alabama in Jacks. He was two tables over wordless as best for the both of us given the court Fee system in Alabama and the jackboot.

   But I digress. I don't have the time to do this justice as I suggested to a loved one by text this morning who "encouraged" me to blog.

   But I will return to the promise and genius of Bonhoeffer soon, who drove right in front of the house on old hwy 11 when Momma was seven in NE Bama.

      On page 51 and 52 of the Marsh bio he looks at Bonhoeffer's insight into synchairein, or shared joy. Building on Harnack's take on the joy of the Resurrection, Bonhoeffer gives the apostle Paul a social dimension.
    Marsh asks how may history have changed had the German church been able to grasp and incarnate Bonhoeffer's insight of 1926. Find this biography and read the full treatment in the evolution of Bonhoeffer's life and faith.


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