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Friday, August 26, 2016

The Netherworld of Breitbart Bannon, Fox News and Rick and Bubba

     Kudos to Hillary Clinton for spotlighting the netherworld of Trump yesterday spotlighting the poison of Breitbart and Bannon and Fox News. UVA Proff Messer in her New book Messengers of the Right should clarify many things. She did a great job addressing some disturbing nuances this morning on NPR Morn Edition

   Trouble is here in Bama and with Tony Beam in Upstate SC So called Christian radio muddles the issue and gives us the likes of Trey Gowdy in the SC 4th District and Gary Palmer in Hoover Bama. The fundamentalist takeover of the SBC set a lot of this mess up as I suggest in previous blog on White Trash with the litany of Pressler associates.

   Maybe that was in True and Only Heaven Blog.

    I read closer last night Nancy Isenberg's concluding chapter in White Trash. She is stellar there explaining the realities of the Breitbart Bannon cabal and how they play working class, blue collar white American and poorer resentments to their benefit.

       Read that chapter, listen closely to Dr. Messer above. Read her book and if you are a literate Christian with a functioning tenth grade education, search your soul as you prepare to close the curtain and cast a ballot first Tuesday in November.


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