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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Dabo, Kaepernick, Greg Sankey, Nick Saban Fannie lou Hamer and Bama Legends

          My Dad's youngest brother Prentice sent an email to several family members today excluding his own son and grandchildren about Dabo Swinney recent convolutions about Kaepernick

    On twitter Dabo's former QB Tajh Boyd said Dabo has a pure heart. As football coaches go I agree with Tajh. And for certain the current QB Deshaun Watson from Hall County Ga comes from a different era than the brutal past as discussed today on NPR Fresh air about neighboring county Forsyth, Georgia and the lynchings and legacy of 1912.

    Dabo is about status quo as Bama Grads go, white ones on civil rights. Just today I talked to Bridget in US Senator Shelby's DC office.  A Bama grad from Mississippi she didn't know who Judge Frank Johnson was. And Apparently the Bama legends initiative--Joe Scarborough and Tom Rainer--don't know much about him either.

   I wondered out loud to Bridget how many Bama academic legends would be supporting Donald Trump.

     Dabo should take a course this off season or have a series of lunches with Clemson historian Vernon Burton and former Baptist chaplain Tim Willis. Using my friend Sam Hodges For the Love of Alabama they can help bring Dabo up to speed. And google my chat with Bama QB Greg McElroy and Paul Finebaum on Bear Bryant's relationship with George Wallace, Nick Saban could use a little remedial education on these matters as well.

     My friend Bill Leonard, Baptist historian at Wake Forest had a grand opinion piece at Baptist Global News a few days ago about the grand Baptist history of dissent. He framed Kaepernick historically with Fannie Lou Hamer. Somebody should discuss that piece with Dabo during or right after Sunday School this weekend. He plays football on Saturday. He can learn more about Jesus and the Civil Rights movement on Sunday.

    SEC Commish Greg Sankey in Hoover Alabama--Dabo knows where that is--said given the predominance of People of color in SEC Football and a virtuous concern for their extended families, they should engage aspects of the Black Lives Matter movement. In Bama that would mean an immediate end of the court fee systems, one of the more righteous findings on the US Dept of Justice examinations in the wake of Ferguson.

    And it would mean a redress of Bama's Mike Hubbard's strategy of Bleaching and a serious look by Billy Graham's friend Trey Gowdy on ratfucking, a strategy to weaken the future political power of minorities and the poor through gerrymandering. Indelicate word but google Betrayal of Democracy and see my blog of Tuesday on Trump in Asheville NC.

   Just  few suggestions for Dabo and Nick and SEC Commish Sankey this coming offseason.

   And God Bless Football.

Footnote link. Bill Leonard's excellent piece on Hamer and Kaepernick


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