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Thursday, September 01, 2016

Rick and Bubba Mah Fybuhh and Lack Thereof Redux

    Rick and Bubba are radio talk show hosts syndicated across the Southeast originally from the environs of Piedmont and Cleburne County Alabama, cultural roots of Rick Bragg. They are pretty much now the Jerry Clower face and voice of fundamentalist Southern Baptists in Bama and Mississippi moonlighting as they do at several mega fundy church events. They are goin out to Kansas soon.

   I got questions about their Mah Fybuhh as exegeted in the film Oh Brother Where Art Thou.

    If you scroll down on my blog posts you will see where I have at least three topics on them in the last couple months along.

    Their theological lack of sophistication, especially on immigration reform makes their awshucks attempts at comedy--sometimes they score--dangerous. They routinely have interns from U Bama and Samford and other schools in North Central Alabama.

   I talked to one of those interns this morning. I was outraged at the way they were spinning Trump's xenophobia in Jesus name this morn after Trump's brownshirt presentation last night in Arizona. When I called back to apologize, the screener said R and B were good to give me ten minutes on the air.

   Ive thought about it. If R and B really want to do Jesus work, advance the conversation and learn a little, I have begun conversations with folks who can get to Isabel Rubio, head of Hispanic Interest Coalition of Alabama.

   If she is good I'm good to come on with her for an hour to talk about what Jesus and Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Judge Frank Johnson and Will Willimon would think a Christ like way to go on Immigration Reform. I think we may have a wiser take on it than Charles From Reeltown.

    So ball in their court. In meantime they can bone up on some of my suggestions of the last several months here on this blog cause Jesus knows they got my attention.

  And Rick, I expect you to talk to your Momma cause your Manners weren't worth a damn when you had Russ Moore on live to talk about Romney and Trump a few weeks ago. I know your Momma raised you better than that. Bad manners to interrupt guests just to score points with the 1982 Reeltown Fighting whatever they were/are High School football team.

  If time allows we can chat a few minutes about tennis too, and Buckshot Willet of Anniston and Davis Cup etc.


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