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Wednesday, September 07, 2016

George W Truett and Donald Trump

   George W. Truett was born in Hayesville, NC where I became a Christian in 1959. My father baptized me. Truett Cathy, the founder of Chic Fil A is name for this greatest Baptist of the first half of the 20th Century. Truett was an ambassador for President Woodrow Wilson and progressive on race for his time as President of the Baptist World Alliance as recorded in both the Keith Durso biography of him and Robert Wutnow's Rough Country.

   In May of 1920 on the Capitol Steps in DC he spoke for two hours or more on the Baptist gift to American democracy the Separation of Church and State.

    Now his birthplace in Clay County and Western North Carolina is the playground of the Tea Party and religious right fundamentalism. It is the precinct of Jesse Helms fundamentalism, a far cry from the vision of Truett and his Baptist heirs.

    Truett would be nauseous at how Congressman Meadows came to power with the gerrymandering and the betrayal of Democracy author Daley has examined in his provocative book of this summer.

     This is a plea for enlightened folks in Western North Carolina, folks who have benefitted from liberal arts education at Mars Hill, the Triangle, Gardner Webb, Appalachian State, Western North Carolina and other schools to use their wits and be active to defeat Donald Trump. Every vote counts in North Carolina this year.

    Talk to your proffs or former proffs at your schools. Take the Vance book on Hillbilly Elegy to heart and understand with all her baggage Hillary Clinton is much more likely to keep the train on the track to be better for America not only for this generation but generations to come even in mostly white southern Appalachia.

   Do what George W. Truett would do and vote against the Alt Right movment of Donald Trump.

    You betray the best of your heritage if you vote for Donald Trump in this election.


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