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Monday, September 19, 2016

Ratified in NY Times, Sandy, Thornton and Bonney Tim lose the Fundy Takeover History

       My friends at, one now a Methodist have been on the losting end of an argument about the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention for some time. Gloria Morgan and Jennifer Wilkins and others at the Collinsville Baptist Church who abetted my ouster also lost that one but don't care.

    Last weekend my Acquaintance Tom Edsall in the NY Times with a killer quote by my friend Randall Balmer of Dartmouth, ratified my long held opinion about right politics as the driving force in the fundy takeover even if obliquely.

    What follows is part of that story; and way below is a link to the chat with the ill advised and lesser educated detractors of my stance at, though I give them credit, they can be hilarious and eloquent in their ignorance and stubbornness on occasion.

   Here they are making sport of me last week at, Quoting

Sandy wrote:Give him enough time, and start exploring his connections of this person to that person. I'll bet there's someone in that list who has a third cousin who once pastored a Methodist church that participated in something with an SBC church down the street that had a member that was related to someone who belonged to a megachurch of which the pastor was part of the SBC takeover. That makes them complicit. :wink:

    Well Ive been studyin this stuff for 30 years now and I'll put my mastery of the BX 6400's up there with the best of em. Got Quotes from Ellen Rosenberg with whom I had an active correspondence through most of the 90s through conversations with a myriad of Baptist leaders and was the star of a group interview of President Carter in 93 in Atlanta.

    My soul is rested, my case is ratified.

   Here, my friend Randall Balmer nails it in NY Times written by Tom Edsall, my Acquaintance from the Atlanta SBC of 86. My Dad had given me grief about showing up in Atlanta but by the time I caught a ride with the pastor of the GArden Lakes Baptist Church--walked across the hill from Morrison Campground Rd past Dykes Creek Baptist Church to meet the good Reverend on the Kingston HWY on which General Sherman himself had made exit from Rome in the fall of 1884; by the time I was comin down the elevator in the World Congress Center Dad was speaking my praises to Bill Self and Edsall. We Went in the press room and Edsall said, Stephen the way your Dad was talking as you were descending, I thought it was Moses or something.

    Well here is the true History the ratified version of fundy takeover to Tea Party to Trump whether Sandy, Thornton and Bonney ever understand or not.

My apologies Bonney's line got split from Sandy above and takes a little luster from it all, but will let you put it together.

Ive them more attention than they ever deserved...... LOLOL

He doesn't even have to go that far. I'm a Methodist and I once heard Page Patterson preach at MBTS. Boom, right in the takeover crowd


Blogger Lee said...

Interesting, Stephen, that the Times article you cite makes no mention of any of those who you think were key players in the alleged "takeover" of the Southern Baptist Convention. I don't know what you think was "ratified", but it wasn't your assertion from the thread about Phyllis Schlafly, or the popup mention of Jesse Helms, who, as far as I can tell, never attended an annual meeting of the SBC, nor spoke or wrote a word related to it, or ever gave an indication of caring about who its leaders were. Your conspiracy theories are made of the same sort of stuff as the birther nonsense.

Aside from that, we're way down the road from the conservative resurgence in the SBC, an event which, while it dragged out for a while, eventually came to encompass most of the SBC, its churches, its state conventions, its institutions, and left a very small fragment of moderate Baptist opposition in its wake, ineffective, unable to gather itself or identify itself, and leaking a fair percentage of the small number of churches and supporters it was able to attract. Unlike most other major denominations that have split over theology, the membership numbers of the Southern Baptist Convention were never affected by the departure of its moderate wing, because most of them never cut their ties, or wandered very far, and most are still counted in the figures. It's a yawn, and another yawn, and a "who cares now?" question. Nobody really does, anymore.

3:44 PM  
Blogger foxofbama said...

Thanks for reply Lee. Got to run or would answer you in full. But as Ive said for the last ten years and more at the bx 6400's prove you wrong.

4:40 PM  

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