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Friday, October 21, 2016

Voters for Hillary Clinton in Dekalb County, Alabama

  Okay I may make a few friends and I may lose a few but following is a list of folks with connections to DeKalb County Alabama, most of them Christians, who I know or have strong suspicions will be voting for Hillary Clinton. We are a minority as there are only about 20 percent of us in this county. Some don't live in the county but grew up here or have strong family ties.

1 Stephen M Fox, myself whose Momma was born and baptized her and my great grandfather Jordan was born in 1841 and fought in the Civil War.

2. My sister who lives in South Carolina.

3. Cousin Dixie who lives in Pelham

4. Claire Chandler of the Influential Coker family, Home Ec teacher at Collinsville HS who said as much last week at Don Chicos

5. Mary Katherine Reed. Quite conservative woman, a Reagan Republican but I cant see the first woman in the county to earn a doctorate, my Mother's HS classmate, voting for Trump. She is deceased but I want folks to know where Im comin from.

6. Martha Barksdale. Lifelong Republican and conscience of the town. God Help us All if she votes for Trump.

7. Peggy Coplin Weaver. Hall of Fame Math Teacher at Collinsville, native of Guntersville, lifelong Methodist like Hillary, perfect on the ACT in Math in 1965. She hasn't told me as much but can't see her voting for Trump.

8 Rebecca Kennedy. CHS grad 83. Chaplain at Baylor University.

9 Susan Weaver. Peggy's daughter, smart enough herself and regular Sunday School student of President Jimmy Carter.

10 Her husband John, UVA grad, both friends of St Moats of Americus who will vote for Hillary as well because he is a Furman grad which makes him literate. Ha

11 Matthew Morgan, CHS grand, UVA and Yale Div

12 Mark Morgan, weak in many areas but smart enough to graduate from Duke and befriend Chaplain Willimon there. Like Martha, God help us if he votes Trump

13. Jennifer Cunningham Barber, Danny's wife. Lawyer and too smart to vote for Trump.

14 Samuel Russell Beene. According to Mark Morgan the brightest grad in the history of Collinsville High School. Beene applied to Cornell

15 His Mother Lynn Gilbreath Beene, a not too distant cousin of Martha Barksdale.

16 Her granddaughter Kaylur and her friend Sharon in the 7th grade. They will win the state softball championship in 2022 in Alabama. They cant vote yet but if they could they would vote Hillary. Sharon of the China House has a first cousin Jose Bailey at Furman with Mike Hubbard's son Clayte. Jose is majoring in political science and will cast a vote in North Carolina. He worked one summer at the China House. May be smarter than Russ Beene.

17 Amy Arthur. With her Aunt in Texas Alicea may be the only Arthur in the county not to vote Trump. Countin on Amy

18 Hillary Beard. With a name like that how could she not. Bham Southern Grad on staff with Congresswoman Terri Sewell in DC. Hillary's Father was longtime associate pastor at FBC Ft Payne and friend of Crowe above in same church. Crowe is a graduate of Vanderbilt and on staff at Baptist Joint Committee in DC which opposes Casey Mattox and every thing he stands for ideologically and church state matters. Crowe is in the George Truett tradition of Baptist life. Casey in the tradition of the right wing fundamentalism of Jesse Helms and reactionaries in the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention from Mississippi.

Hillary's brother Jay

20. Todd Heifner, Frequent traveler of I 59 and former president of the Samford SGA and assistant to President Tom Corts.

21. Jon Appleton, cousin of Hank Appleton and Jill Appleton Tidmore. Their GGG Grandfather was a founder of Collinsville Baptist Church and Jon is pastor emeritus of FBC Athens, Ga. He was special guest of FBC Ft. Payne May 2010 on their 150th or so anniversary. Hank's son an Albertville, Al QB has gotten serious looks from Yale football program and Hank was a roommate at Auburn of Campbell, QB who handed the ball off to Bo Jackson so the family's influence is wide.

Rest without number. Rev Bynum of Lebanon. Natasha Jones. Donnie Mack and Jackie Myers. Wellington Hope. Raymond Weaver, Cherilynne Crowe, Dr. Steve Isbell though I could be wrong on that one, Mike Mitchell. Tara George, Laqata Bowers, Maria Moreno, Teresa Guerroro, Tony and Edgar Padilla and the wife and daughter, Mark Wilson of the Auburn Democracy Project and the four students he has sponsored under the auspices of Jennifer Wilkins.

Clarification on Collinsville grad Casey Mattox now with the right wing single issue Alliance Defending Freedom. He is part of the Never Trump Train according to sources and quite adamant about it. His classmate Mark Morgan of CHS 93 who befriended Willimon texts he Morgan remains on the fence. Consensus view is the Rev Morgan and Gloria if vote at all for Prez will do so with little enthusiasm or may write in.

There are more but something to think about and it is lunchtime.


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