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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Wofford and the Case against Trey Gowdy; Willimon on Immgration

        If LD Johnson is the Abraham Lincoln of Baptist Identity at Furman the laft half century, then Will Willimon is the Methodist Lincoln for Wofford.  A native of Greenville and the Buncombe Street UMC, Willimon is a late 60s Wofford Grad, longtime trustee and was a finalist to become Wofford President a decade ago.

    For several decades Willimon was the Chaplain at Duke University and is well known internationally in Christian Circles. I've read all the sermons in his Anthology from the Duke Chapel, the 1967 Homecoming sermon and the contributions of Fleming Rutledge and Will Campbell among the most memorable.

    For seven years ending roughly 2012 Willimon was Bishop for North Alabama Methodists. He wrote a book about his experience in Alabama.

   While Willimon was taking a prophetic stance about Alabama's draconian immigration law that made national news, Spartanburg's Trey Gowdy was whistling Dixie and becoming the Darling of Fox News with his distractions on the Ben Ghazi Committee and other playgrounds of the Koch Brothers and Anne Coulters whims.

    Let's get to the heart of America for What Trey Gowdy means for the extended families of Marcus Lattimore, Sidney Rice and our Latino friends in the Upstate:  If Martin Luther King were with us today he would be marching in Berea and writing letters from the Spartanburg County Jail to Gowdy and the staff and members of First Baptist Church Spartanburg including Billy and Franklin Graham!

     Read this, Willimon on "fugitive slave law" and matters that had Gowdy Struck Mute!

     So where is the Christian Conscience of Gowdy's base in the Upstate.

    I hope that is one question explored in the "Conversation" at Furman in a few weeks.


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