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Thursday, September 22, 2016

Rick and Bubba butcher Billy Graham and the Bushes; Need to See The White Ribbon

      This morning I called the DC office of Mark Sanford, the former Gov of South Carolina, famous for the Appalachian Trail, who shares Furman University with me and Marshall Frady as alums. Sanford was brought to mind by a conversation I had yesterday on air with Rick and Bubba where they excoriated, ridiculed and made of the Bush family for about an hour. Using the family initials as fodder they were outraged HW Daddy Bush had endorsed Hillary over Trump.

    These leading fundamentalists for all practical purposes the face of the Alabama Baptist Convention, are unavowed supporters of Trump as they see Hillary as the Anti Christ though I imagine most of the recent UMC Bishops in the state, Harper Lee and her sister Alice and Taylor Branch, himself a good Baptist not to mention Wayne Flynt would take issue with them.

    I forgot, at the agency of then Governor Sanford, Furman was the last college where George W. Bush as President spoke at commencement.

    He told a lot of jokes. If it weren't for Iraq he woulda been a nice guy but never shoulda been President.

   Rick and Bubba said Billy Graham messed up because He invited the Clintons to the New York Crusade several years ago, and they could never forgive W; not for Iraq but because W said Muslims and Christians worship the same God.

    Rick and Bubba don't know what they are talking about. They said their A list of Christian politicians, the only one they can trust are Gary Palmer and Rich Wingo. I don't know if any of them can name the Christian martyrs in bust in Westminster Abbey, but unless I missed the point entirely Gary Palmer and Rich Wingo are not about the same politics as the Westminster boys which are part of my A List.

     Palmer and Wingo, are from the world of Francis Schaeffer far as I can discern. Big on the "mendacity" of the politics of abortion--see Molly Worthen; and Balmer on the abortion trials of President Carter--both Wingo and Palmer with R And B are either struck mute or complicitous in the Ratfucking politics of the GOP in Bama--see Daley with book by same name at Barnes and Noble though most Baptists call it Ratt Bleeping. They dont' know about Lee Atwater's "nigger memo" from Wuthnow's Rough Country nor have they read Balmer's easily googled piece on Billy Graham and the Judgments of History.

    Rick and Bubba stand on the platform of the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention with all its Bircher, Eagle Forum, White Citizen's Council History. Randy Newman as Ive said before would say They Don't Know their ass from a Hole in the Ground to put it in language maybe they understand.

  If I am wrong, lets talk it out with History departments at Samford Bama and Auburn, even Hardy Jackson and Brandt Ayers of their beloved Jax State.

    Here R and B., go to Bham Southern and see if Bishop Debra Wallace Padgett and the English and History proffs will watch the movie The White Ribbon with You. Easy to google the Utube Trailer. Read the Guardian review. Talk it over prayerfully even with the good women at Cropwell Baptist Church.

   All the Best with the next Davis Cup and have a Blessed day.


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