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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Molly Hillary and Molly

    Come back to this blog between now and January. I hope to make it better and add a little but want to get started today.

   In meantime read away at these 16 writers at new yorker. Good Stuff there

    Will have that link later.

    I think it was October 27, a Thursday Hillary and Michelle Obama spoke at Wake Forest University. A lot of Wake Forest Baptist Div students were in the audience that day and Hillary was 11 points ahead in national polls. Lot of recent Baptist history in North Carolina was about to get redeemed, the ghost of racist Jesse Helms was on verge of finally being put to rest and everything Randall Lolley and UNC Chancellor Friday fought for at the old Seminary, the witness of Frank Porter Graham and Stewart Newman was about to be honored.

     The next day Comey made his flawwed statement about new emails and Trey Gowdy and Fox News was back in play.

    That helped usher in the Tragedy we are all faced with. But for a moment, the Baptist aspect of the Tea Party and Alt Right and Trumpism was about to be changed in the twinkling of an eye. 

     In the spring of 94 best I remember I caught a ride to Louisville Kentucky and while there interviewed Baptist great Molly Marshall who was in process of being removed from the faculty of Southern Baptist Seminary because she was a woman. Her accuser Albert Mohler a few years ago boasted on the role Billy Graham played in the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention, giving him platform, agency, status to fire Marshall.

    On that day in 94 Marshall told me a story of being on panel with Hillary Clinton and others at Princeton a year or so earlier, and Pat Robertson was on panel. Molly hit Pat with a "zinger", Hillary caught her attention and gave her a wink and a thumbs up.

    Among other things lost last Tuesday, setbacks was the world of Molly Marshall and female Baptist witness in a Hillary administration. Hillary had flaws, but to elect a "pussy grabber" with 80 percent of the evangelical vote was not the work of Jehoval in the world. You will never convince me of that.

    Google Tupelo Hassman open letter to Jeff Sessions, roughly translated p grabber, or Kitty Fights Back. It's stout, this woman who got national attention a few years ago with her treatise on the power of the Girl Scout manual.

      White male America as represented by JD Vance in Hillbilly Elegy and Hothschild in Strangers in Their Own Land had their grievances and Clinton did not appeal, did not engage that conversation successfully. It might have been impossilbe given the endless, ceasless nightly lies and distortions of Fox News and true believers like my Uncle Prentice, who once championed the causes of Randall Lolley and Carlyle Marney. 

   Prentice boasted that his well to do Senior Adult Sunday School Class at Aberdeen NC Baptist, all 27 voted for Donald Trump.  What a traitor is he and his kind, like Rick and Bubba and Trey Gowdy and the rest of the world of David Barton.

    Last weekend on NPR I heard a story of ten years ago of young girls, ten or eleven or so in AFGHANISTAN  who wore the veil and the burka to school but once they got there took them off and enjoyed being alive, giggling and the joy of being human at that age. One girl said she loved school. She said when you get education, when you get those words and thoughts in your brain and in your heart, They (the taliban) cannot take that away from you.

     Like the young slave woman in EL Doctorow's The March, free and alive pickin cotton in South Georgia where Massuh can't touch her; Well the Bible says the Taliban and Donald Trump and Steve Bannon and Trey Gowdy and David Barton and the alt right, they are temporal, hopefully no more than four years.

     I forgot Molly Worthen. Her piece of how Trump Played in North Carolina is in last weeks' NY Times.

       Trump and assholes, what else can you call assholes but assholes like Rick and Bubba; their ignorance and provincial bait will not win. Ten year old girls in Afghanistan know that. Hillary and Molly and Molly suffered a setback, but they did not lose. America lost on November 8, 2016



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