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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sonny Liston's Revenge; Condi Rice wrong about Sessions

        Of the blanket coverage on the many ESPN affiliates including the SEC network Monday all day long before the Natty, one segment that surfaced and caught my eye was the picture of Cassius Clay Ali standing over Sonny Liston in the second fight, the Knockout. Ali is standing victorious over his foe. ESPN says Nick Saban used that pic to inspire his Crimson Tide for the second game against Clemson. He wanted there to be no second guesses, wanted to defeat Clemson two times in a row so the Tide in Playoff era could be as great as Ali.

    A hundred fifty pounder from Socastee High School from Myrtle Beach South Carolina Hunter Renfrow and his friend Deshaun Watson of Hall County Georgia, next door to Forsyth--see Patrick Phillips, Blood at the Root--let Nick Saban and the "Mighty" Crimson Tide know they are not Ali. The Bear is Dead, Saban is almost 70, Kiffin is in Florida and It is Over!!!

     And who is Nick Saban to invoke Ali. I had a conversation with his Rhodes Scholar nominee Greg McElroy and Paul Finebaum on the radio couple years ago about the Bear and George Wallace. Now we have Nick and Bama legend Richard Shelby and Jeff Sessions in the Age of Trump.

   Nick Saban fails where Bear Bryant did as the New Republic article Farewell to the Bear suggests. Finebaum said it was one of the best articles ever written about Bama's storied Football tradition. Greg McElroy was taking notes.

     Mohammed Ali was not silent on matters that Nick Saban avoids. There is no evidence that Saban has engaged Richard Shelby the UBama Legend and Greg Sankey SEC Commish on this "Elephant" in the Room. Saban was not worthy to invoke Ali as a totem to inspire this years lackluster--without Kiffin--team.

   Condi Rice is on the National Committee with Archie Manning and friends to choose the final four. Stay with me, I'm going somewhere.

      Saban has his hands full. He is to be congratulated for his Million dollar contribution to St Francis Catholic Student Ministries in Tuscaloosa. My guess is most of them voted against Donald Trump and are against Jeff Sessions for Atty General.

    Condi Rice has some explaining to do the U Bama faculty. Jeff Sessions is opposed by United Methodist Bishop Will Willimon on immigration reform. The Republican party in the state of Alabama is a "bleaching" party--see Mike Hubbard in the Zengerle article in New Republic--weaking the future political power of minorities by gerrymandering. How does Condi Rice explain that to the extended families of the football players of the Tide and Auburn War Eagles.

       Where is Jeff Sessions on the Daley book Rattfucked? and where is he on Kathy Cox's book Dixie's Daughters on the Daughters of the Confederacy? Where was Condi Rice's conversation with Rosa Parks on that one.

      A Statue is one thing. Living extended families of Derrick Henry and Reuben Foster and Jaylen Hurst is another.

      If Jeff Sessions had been in the courtroom in 65 instead of Judge Frank Johnson, a truly great Alabama Republican unlike Sessions and Shelby; Martin Luther King and the Civil Rights marchers would still be in Selma waiting to cross the Edmund Pettus Bridge.

   In her heart Condi Rice must know that and she should have that conversation with Archie Manning, Greg McElroy, Paul Finebaum, Nick Saban and Kenny Stabler's children.

     Greg Sankey SEC Commissioner said in Hoover back in August he is open to this conversation. Let's hope it's not too late.

     God Bless Deshaun Watson and Hunter Renfrow. There have been some honorable players on the Tide this year, but the state of Alabama in this Trump moment did not deserve two in a row.

    God's Will Was done in the last second in Tampa Early Tuesday morning. I believe that.



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