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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Yellowhammer's Cliff Simms in Trump White House

     Cliff Simms is the son of a fundamentalist Baptist preacher whose right wing luck and pluck has landed him in the Trump White house, as some kind of communications and policy strategist. My experience reading his site and listening to his mid day radio chat on Crawford Broadcasting WYDE out of Bham and Cullman was mostly playful, but now very serious. He is something of the latest incarnation of Lee Atwater, whose good hearted ignorance may make him even more sinister and dangerous.

     His circles as Ive come to understand Bama in the last 30 years make him a child of the fledgling Birch Society and Baptist politics of the late Albert Lee Smith, a bane of James Dunn and the Baptist Joint Committee on Church State Politics. It was Smith that everything suggests was part of the cabal of Crawford Broadcasting and birch society fundamentalism that held an Inquistion for Samford President Tom Corts in 93.

    Now Simms in his mid 30's best I can ascertained has cuted himself up hardwired to the Rick and bubba radio personalities of Shades Mtn Church and all are networked to Baptist Church of the Highlands and the 14 campuses, and mega church FBC Gardendale part of Adrian Rogers shadowy legacy.

     Yellowhammer and the radio program show signs of being underwritten by dark money of the NRA. The midday radio program on WYDE where his co host Scott Beason of FBC Gardendale, a failed candidate for US Congress, as well as Rick and bubba count among chief sponsor 21/31 arms of Morris Alabama, Faith Freedom and Firearms.

    It was Bircher Albert Lee Smith's widow Eunie Smith of the Bama chapter of Concerned Women of America who first introduced Scott Beason to Kansan Kris Kobach who wrote the Bama immigration bill that has propelled Jeff Sessions to an attorney general nominee. Duke Chaplain and UMC Bishop in Bama at the time Will Willimon called Sessions out on the matter in Jesus name comparing Sessions and Beason's immigration bill to the fugitive slave law. Google Willimon Repents, ethicsdaily.

     As never before the NRA dark money has a home in the Trump White House, Money and populist strategy sanctified in the fundamentalist Baptist faith.

      Simms and Rick and Bubba this past year had on air dust ups with SBC ERLC's Russ Moore.

      Simms as Atwater legacy goes has perfected his Baptist piety in the line of race baiting evolution Atwater spotlighted in Wuthnow's Rough Country. And the SBC of Bama no longer has the tools to speak to such chicanery and Biblical illiteracy.

    Rough profile here, maybe the New Yorker, Oxford American Magazine,  the Rolling Stone can dig deeper into this aspect this one of many poisonous pits of Trump's America.

Simms in his own words:


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