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Friday, March 17, 2017

Baylor Searches for New President.

      I'm sure Baylor will do fine without my input in search for New President; lessons learned from experience with Ken Starr.

   But I did read a piece from a Jonathan Sitkberg recently in Christian Ethics Today. The nephew of Cecil Sherman is on track to be a voice for his generation telling the truth of the fundamentalist takeover of the Southern Baptist Convention.

  Sberg, a Baylor senior is student member of the Search Committee. With what he knows already, Sberg should bone up and make sure the screening of the New President is well aware of how tied up the leadership of the Takeover was to the residues of the John Birch Society and White Citizens Council. Baylor's new President should have a working conversational knowledge of Robert Wuthnow's Rough Country about how Texas Baptist fundamentalism shaped the GOP these last 30 years and laid the groundwork for this Trump era.

    Sberg in his tribute history to his Uncle Cecil missed a key point the Baylor search committee should be well aware of. Cecil Sherman told me in 1993 Bill Friday, the former chancellor of the UNC system told him the most significant event in North Carolina in the 1980s was the fundamentalist takeover of the Baptist seminary in the town of Wake Forest. Cause Pressler's Bircher network and the last holdout against ML King Holiday, NC's Lost Cause Senator Jesse Helms knew that in the seminary they could get into the headset of every pulpit in every hamlet and suburb in North Carolina and beyond.

   Baylor is much more than a Baptist institution and all the provincialism historically that implies. But as the Congregationalist and Pulitzer winner Marilynne Robinson explains in her Chapter Memory in the collection the Givenness of Things: It Matters!

   Do the background reading in this process cause like The Who, You Don't Want to Get Fooled Again.

    Talk it over with Chet Edwards. Make a good Hire.

    And take up this conversation with me on the Poage Library Facebook wall.


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