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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

High Noon and Brooke Simmons of Walker County Alabama

    Last week  Cliff Simms in the Steve Bannon White House, His Bama outfit Yellowhammer News took pride in spotlighting My US Congressional District which includes Walker, Winston, DeKalb, Etowah and points in between. Robert Aderholt is our Congressman.

    Brooke Simmons was a staffer for Aderholt in his DC office a few years ago. A graduate of Washington and Lee U, she took some courses with my acquaintance Doug Cumming, whose father Joe was Marshall Frady's boss in the Atlanta bureau of Newsweek in the 60s.

   Doug and I are both big fans of Furman's Marshall Frady.

   I think at one point Brooke's Mother was on the school board in Walker County. Judge Frank Johnson the Lincoln Republican both Bill Moyers and myself, not to mention Howell Raines hold in highest esteem was from Lincoln County.

    This blog is to say I am convinced all named so far would be appalled at the praise Yellowhammer News heaped on Aderholt and his district.

    A graduate of Samford University, the values Yellowhammer praised are those of the alt right and the fundamentalism of their networked Rick Burgess. Those values are not shared by the likes of the aforementioned, their political calculus is something other.

   I have read Hochschild's Strangers in Their Own Country. As the son of Baptist minister raised in a working textile class church in South Carolina, a grad of Furman University where Mike Hubbard's son is now a Junior and Lee Atwater's daughter Salley a grad, I think I understand the class and religious resentments of this district that would compel 87 percent to go Trump.

    As Hochschild reveals some of these complaints are quite legitimate. There is a great Paradox and a "Deep Story" to explore.

    But the carnival Barker Donald Trump and his minions in Bannon and Miller and Simms with the goofy complicity of politicians like Aderholt are not the remedy.

    There is a sickness in this predicament someone must take head on. I'm hoping Brooke Simmons, as an example, and folks like her in the district who understand why Frank Johnson was such a great man can ralley and at least name this malady and begin to move it in another direction.

    With a witless Bama Baptist convention it will be difficult as the politics of race have been transmogrified into the politics of religious nationalism--see Rick Burgess, Trey Gowdy, Stephen Miller and a recent oped in the Ga Baptist Christian Index--but somebody must speak out.

      Today NPR FResh Air had a great examination of the great American Movie High Noon. For me the implications are the Bama 4th are self evident. To a lesser degree and not quite as handsome I lived it out in 2007 when I voted out of the Collinsville Baptist Church.

    Cut to the chase, long story short I will share, give it my best shot to  bring this blog to the attention of recent Birmingham Southern President General Krulak.

   Tom Corts is no longer on the earth. I am hoping Krulak will run for US Senate against the Rick Burgess/Cliff Simms/Stephen Miller Bama GOP and begin to lead Alabama out of this dark ignorant wilderness Yellowhammer championed last week.



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