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Friday, March 03, 2017

U bama Honors Programs; Suggestions

  In the genre of its a relatively small world I found out earlier this week my first cousins neighbor in Alaska will be coming to Tuscaloosa this fall. National Merit Scholar she will be awarded the full monty package with amenities including the Honors Dorm. I understand she will be an engineering major with a minor or interest in Theatre.

    I have said before and told many kids in Collinsville obsessed with the Tide that I am disappointed in many Capstone products now staffing the Bama Congressional Delegation in DC. 80 percent don't know who Judge Frank Johnson was much less tell you his significance.

    To that end here are some suggestions for the best and the brightest and those Bama grads who need to learn a little.

    1. Get a copy of my friend Sam Hodges For the Love of Alabama. Jackson Giles and Judge Frank Johnson are in there and no excuses for not knowing. Bama Grad Howell Raines said Johnson was one of the two greatest men to breathe the air of Alabama in the 20th Century. And my friend Bill Moyers said had Judge Frank Johnson lived during the Civil War he woulda been Abraham Lincoln and had Lincoln lived in Alabama in the 1960s he woulda been Judge Frank Johnson.

   2. Get a copy of Taylor Branch's The King Years, the condensation of his 1,000 page Pulitzer winner on the Civil Rights era.

    3. Visit Lowndes County Alabama to see where Jonathan Daniels was assassinated, the only American Christian martyr of the 20th Century honored in London in the offices of the Anglican church.

    4. Walk across the Selma Bridge at least once. I met several U Bama students there in 2012 when I crossed with a Muslim friend and Ethel Kennedy.

    5. Read my blog on Greg McElroy, Paul Finebaum, Bear Bryant, Wallace and Nick Saban.

     6. In Bham go to the Fish Market on 31. Go North at the Galleria exit on 459 and if you like it next time eat at the one downtime.

    7. Google Rick Bragg's story in Southern Living , A Goat and a Ball Peen Hammer about the Collinsville Trade Day. It closes before noon so come early. I will meet you there and introduce you to some characters and we can go Dutch at Bill Glenn's Mtn Grill Restaurant on 68 if Bill will take care of at least two visits from me not more than 15 dollar bill cause I deserve it for all the promotion I have done for his exquisite potato soup and respectable ribs, in a wholesome clean Christian Sweet Tea Environment.

    8. Take an elective in Stephen Black's ethics course. Hugo Black's grandson, Stephen at my invitation spoke to Momma's alma mater here in Collinsville in 2006

    9. Visit the Civil Rights Memorial plaza in Birmingham including the 16th Street Baptist Church and become acquainted with Bryan Stevenson's Equal Justice Initiative.

    10 If you do all these things, then with honor you can say Roll Tide.

    11 A. By all means when your parents come to visit take them to Dream Land in Tuscaloosa to Remember the Bear at his finest, and if they want a second opinion next visit find them a Jim and Nicks or some Johnny Ray's chocolate pie. JRay's aint what it used to be but still worth a shot at the pie.

   11. Come back to this blog in every month this year and then annually years following for more suggestions.


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