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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Russ Moore's Baptist Chickens Coming Home to Roost

   In last two days  Southern Baptists faux ethics man Russ Moore has been the subject of exhaustive drama in the Wash Post and The Atlantic Magazine.

    Moore is no martyr in my book. He came to power knowing full well the Birch Society and White Citizens Council residue of Paul Pressler, Paige Patterson Jesse Helms and Birmingham Alabama's Albert Lee Smith

   In fact I attended an Inquisition of Samford President Tom Corts in 1993 orchestrated by folks Moore was then in concert with but now  seek his ouster, Steve Gaines chief among them now President of the Southern Baptist Convention.

   And Frank Page on any given day a decent man but whose Baptist politics are dimwitted to say the least, had in his backyard in Greer South Carolina the politics of Tony Beam, radio talk show host, and Trey Gowdy's Truth for a new Generation Conferences at FBC Spartanburg.

   In Alabama, Baptist leadership is struck mute by the antics of talk show guru Rick Burgess and his network with Cliff Simms of Yellowhammer News, Simms now in the Bannon communications Department in Trump's White House.

   Burgess had a dustup with Moore on Trump's behalf live on air back in the summer. If you want to know what the fundamentalist world of Moore and Trump has come to in microcosm come to Alabama and do a profile of Burgess, Simms Yellowhammer News and Crawford Broadcasting and their network in the bloodstream of Church of Brook Hills, Church of the Highlands and FBC Gardendale, Gaines old haunt.

    Breitbart on steroids, False Narratives maxxed out in Atty General Sessions home state in the lifeblood of Bama Baps.

     See Auburn PHD Bruce Gourley False Narratives piece in the Winter issue of Christian Ethics Today. Read the two links at the end of my Barnum blog here at this site.

       One of Moore's targets in the 90s was my friend Bham Novelist Vicki Covington. Of all things she wrote a piece once for the Bham News that featured my Dad's first cousin Max Helton, chaplain to Nascar at the funeral for one of the Allisons in a Talledega tragedy.

   Vicki is in Lubbock Texas now. Her then husband Dennis Covington was auther of the Book Salvation on Sand Mtn about the snake Handlers.

   Russ Moore took up serpents with Pressler and the Birchers. And Now to Jump barnyard metaphors with that great theologian Jeremiah Wright: "The Chickens are Coming Home to Roost!"


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