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Thursday, January 26, 2017

And on the 7th Day of the Trump Presidency, Collinsville, Alabama goes national

       This morning on NPR 1a program newly elected Republican DeKalb county Alabama school superintendent Jason Barnett held forth for about ten minutes on his 16 year experience with undocumented Hispanics in the Collinsville School. My Mother is a 1939 alum of the school and my Grandfather James Columbus Jordan ran as a Lincoln Republican in the 2nd decade of the 20th Century for school superintendent.

    He was soundly defeated.

     This morning Jason did very well, all though a little choppy in his presentation about getting to know the personal stories of the multitude of Hispanic children that have crossed his path in the classroom and as assistant principal at Collinsville School. But after the host went to a fellow on the border in Texas, Jason dropped the ball. He wasn't asked and failed to mention the Collinsville soccer team, all Hispanic, who won the state championship in 2013, nor the travail of standout player on that team Jorge Avila Segura who was undocumented when he graduated.

    Jorge was salutatorian his senior year and wrote a public letter to Governor Bentley about his ordeal. His teammates say half the team that won the championship in 2013 were undocumented.

    Nor did the story of 2015 valedictorian Maria Moreno get told. She too was undocumented when she graduated. Both she and Jorge are now citizens and Jorge just completed college at Hardeman Freedman.

    Last fall in Jorge Segura's presence, Supe Barnett--he was sworn in January 1 this year making him supe longer than Trump has been President and Jeff Sessions will likely be attorney General--Jason, Dr. Barnett (20 odd years my junior) told Jorge and me given his experience in Collinsville, he is stongly inclined to entertain the idea students of good scholarship and character should be awared citizenship upon graduation from the public schools.

   Public schools can be extreme vetting, the kind Donald Trump adores. Let's bring Jorge Segura and Maria Moreno to Washington DC, on air at NPR 1a, Morning Joe on NBC and Meet the Press, and with UMC Bishop Willimon of Duke and North Alabama show Donald Trump and Jeff Sessions what Democracy Looks like.

    These kids are two of the greatest Americans Ive met, and they have a lifetime in front of them. Let's make America worthy of what they have to offer!!!!!

    PS, I also want to say on the 6th day of the Trump presidency, LJ Peak of Gaffney South Carolina, my hometown, scored his 1,000 ndth point for Georgetown in a game against Creighton in the Verizon Center in DC. Too Bad President Hillary Clinton and what woulda been her predecessor Barack Obama could not be there for the game.


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