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Monday, August 14, 2017

What Furman University can Teach Meet the Press

   Chuck Todd himself is coming to my alma mater Furman August 31. I'm delighted, would love to be there myself. Shook hands with Tom Brokaw on campus about 2004 when he was there to moderate a Presidential debate in downtown Greenville.

     Todd is no Tim Russert, then again I'm no Jack Kennedy but glad to have him there anyway.

    Here is what Tim needs to know about Furman before he gets there.

    Not only am I a grad (smile) but over the years Lee Atwater's daughter Salley got a degree there, SC Governors Dick Riley and Mark Sanford, and Nixon's Southern Strategist Harry Dent's daughter Dolly was there for two years while I was there.

     The father of long time Chaplain now retired, my friend Jim Pitts, was Nixon's barber and Nixon slept in what is now the Furman President's Mansion when he visited his good friend Charles Daniel there in 1962. My friend Roger Milliken Jr's father of Spartanburg gave more money to Nixon than any other man in America in 1972, though Roger Jr. went to Harvard with Ben Bernanke.

      Current rising senior Clayte Hubbard is the son of former Bama Speaker of the House Mike Hubbard, the man who flipped Bama  decisively from the Dems to the party of Trump in 2010.

     Whats her face (Victoria Jackson)  of shortlived SNL Fame now a Conservative activist was there in the 80s, and Chic Fil A CEO Dan Cathy was in my religion class in the fall of 71.

   And Sports Illustrated front Cover World Cup Soccer star Clint Dempsey played at Furman for two years or more. I hope he is coming to Alabama soon and make some waves for Atty Gen Sessions the Bama GOP re Immigration reform.
    Amy Grant was at Furman for a couple years before she went to Belmont to think more about Jesus and Vince Gill. In the Furman Music rooms she once told my Brother to play his baritone a little softer in a practice room as she was rehearsing nearby.

    But among all, Todd should know of Marshall Frady, the early biographer of George Wallace, later a sublime short but majestic bio of ML King, and a lengthy one of Jesse Jackson who spit in the Pepsi (no, Coke, Pepsi at Furman) when as a teenager Jackson worked the basketball games for Furman in the downtown Colliseum.

   Google Scott Sherman the Unvanquished, Todd, if you don't already know of the man Pulitzer's David Halberstam called quite likely the greatest social justice journalist of the last half of the 20th Century.

    On the fly here and may refine this a little before Todd sets foot on campus. Hope he does a jam up job and the current crop of Furman nobility comes informed and loaded with questions well versed in Joshua GReen's Devil's Bargain, Joe Crespino's Strom Thurmond's America, Azar Nafisi's This Republic of Imagination, and in the Historically Baptist college, Wuthnow's Rough Country!!!!

   Go Dins!!!!!


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