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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Bradley Byrnes Man Card and the Alabama Politics of Mendacity

   Duke Graduate, Episcopalian, Us Congressman Bradley Byrne had an opinion piece distributed throughout Alabama a week ago on the politics of Gun Control. I saw it in the weekly free paper, the Post Paper of Centre Alabama which has boxes from Rome Georgia to the Walmart in Ft Payne Alabama. The NRA and Second Amendment Caucus must be proud of Byrne.

   I am not. I think he is a shallow white washed George Wallace of the sixties pumping the prime of the politics of abortion and the gun lobby in his announced quest to unseat Doug Jones from the US Senate.

    Over the weekend of March 17 NPR had a segment with the father of one of the dead children of the Sandy Hook shooting. They talked about about Remington's new advertising campaign for the AR 47, the gun used to mow down those children at Sandy Hook and last weekend the Muslims at prayer in New Zealand.

    They encouraged folks to get their Man Card and buy one of these notorious automatic weapons.

      What is almost is sad, the editor of the Post Paper in Cherokee County Alabama, joined Tricia Clinton Dunne of the contiguous DeKalb County Alabama a few weeks ago in self righteous denunciation of the Goodloe editon of the Linden Democrat re the Klan.

    Well that's a no brainer. Where is their righteous indignation toward Byrne and the rest of the religious right Trump Based Bama Delegation. Are Goodloe and Roy Moore the only rascals they are capable of denouncing?

     Where was their righteous indignation when Mike Hubbard flipped the Bama house on the politics of race and immigration; a template for the rise of Donald Trump. Didn't small town Alabama media learn anything from the drama of how Wallace shaped the politics of Richard Nixon or was it all a Trick on people of color to keep them playing football in the SEC?

      Robert Wuthnow in Rough Country, and Jill Lepore in These Truths, the Chapter Battle Lines drive home the case politicians like Bradley Byrne come from the bottom of the barrel of cynical politicians. Lee Atwater said in his 82 memo, you can't say nigger anymore, so it's time to double down on the politics of abortion and guns to play on the resentments and fears of working class white America.

     Stansell's Holy War piece in New Republic, an easy google itself, John the Baptisted  Wuthnow by a half decade talking about how the right wing of the GOP perfected the politics of "mendacity" when it come to abortion politics.

     It is time for the noted journalist of Mobile, formerly of the Charlotte Observer, Frye Gaillard to ingratiate himself with Byrnes Episcopalian congregation in Mobile. Let's have some Bible Studies on the politics of abortion and guns informed by Lepore and Wuthnow.

     March 19 NPR 1a program will be a good listen along with the Group Read for Byrnes family of faith in Mobile.


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