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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

George Wallace, Jr.: Marsha Duel, and John Killian

Gonna be brief on this one and come back to it, so all of you who take an interest on first reading, come back and see how it develops.
Called a neighbor this morning and let her know I may start something on the subject, so did not want to disappoint her.
I voted for G Jr. in the Lt. Gov GOP Primary runoff last Tuesday. He got beat, could be the final nail on the coffin of a dynasty here in Alabama. My fundamentalist friend John Killian of Maytown Alabama endorsed Wallace, Jr and I was encouraged to hear George was for Constitutional Reform. I probably woulda voted for Folsom in the General this fall against Jr. had he won, and I for sure will now against Strange.
What I want my neighbor Duel, who was raised bout half mile from my house and married well and went to Mtn Brook; and Killian distant kin of former mayor of Collinsville, Boston Killian (love that name though he probably opposed my grandfather Jordan's politics in his day, nineteen teens), what I want them to do is read the 20 odd pages on the Southern Baptist Convention as the state church of the Ex Confederacy, read the footnotes and recommended readings in the book, and see if they don't see a novel of some sort in themselves and their fascination with the Wallaces. And for sure they both should have already read Dan Carter's definitive bio of the Dad, the Governor.
Go from there and maybe next time Marsha is up, if she gives me advanced notice, Killian can drive up as well and we can chat at the China House. Valerie you are welcome, but the less you say, the more substantive the conversation will be.
Oh, in my picture on this blog, one of the other folks is kin to a former member of the Wallace Administration. See if you can guess that person.


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Oh, in my picture on this blog,....

Fox, check your email. I sent four photos that you might use for your blog...

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