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Monday, January 08, 2007

Maybe Superman could fix This

Foul Odor Permeates Parts of Manhattan, N.J.
By Howard SchneiderWashington Post Staff WriterMonday, January 8, 2007; 11:12 AM
A foul odor blanketed lower Manhattan and parts of New Jersey today, prompting a brief transit shutdown, a rash of building evacuations, and a quick disavowal from New Jersey officials who wanted the world to be clear on one point.
"It did not originate in Jersey," Maria Pignataro, a press secretary for the Jersey City mayor's office, told CNN as emergency officials tried to pinpoint the source of the smell. Pignataro described it as similar to gasoline fumes "magnified," but others associated it with natural gas.
In a morning press conference New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said authorities were searching for the source of the smell but had determined through air quality tests that the situation posed no threat to residents. He said there had been a small gas leak near Bleecker and 6th Streets, but it was not large enough to explain the odor that spread from the Hudson River to the East River and across into the New Jersey suburbs.
"There is a large area of New Jersey and Manhattan that has this smell," Bloomberg said. "The smell is there. We don't know the source of it. It does not appear to be dangerous."
"Our suggestion is that people do their best to ventilate until this gas passes," the mayor said, suggesting that building owners and residents shut their windows and turn off their heating systems to avoid pulling the smelly air inside.
Bloomberg said the smell may have been caused by the release from a manufacturing or other facility of methanethiol, or mercaptan. The chemical accounts for many of the bad smells found in nature, but is also manufactured industrially and added to natural gas to warn about leaks.
Full transit service was restored soon after officials determined that the air in the city was not harmful.
But the incident still jangled nerves. Some offices sent employees home for the day, and the Department of Homeland Security reassured that the smell was not from terrorists.
© 2007 The Associated Press

And another big item in today's News, My latest Gaffney Hero is going to the Pros

"Top Ten, top Ten"

USC's Rice going proRecord-setting reciever makes himself available for draftPublished: Sunday, January 7, 2007 - 4:16 pm Last updated: Sunday, January 7, 2007 - 4:23 Pm
By Rick ScoppeSTAFF
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COLUMBIA - University of South Carolina record-setting sophomore wide receiver Sidney Rice is gone.
Coach Steve Spurrier said Sunday that Rice has opted to give up his last two college seasons to make himself available for the NFL draft, according to USC sports information director Steve Fink.
``Coach Spurrier has confirmed that Sidney Rice is going to the NFL,?? Fink said. ``He?s disappointed that he didn?t stick around for one more year, thought that he should have played one year.
``But he supports Sidney in all that he does and wished him the best. Obviously this opens up an opportunity for one of the incoming kids to get a little more playing time next year. He did talk to coach and he is going to go to the NFL.??

Rice said after USC?s 44-36 victory over Houston in the Liberty Bowl that he would not turn pro unless he was projected by the NFL advisory committee to be a top 10 pick.
``I?m still set on coming back,'' he said after the bowl.
Unless, he was asked, if he's predicted to be picked in the top 10, right?``Yes, sir,'' he said.Pressed, Rice was asked if he was projected lower would he go - and how low? Rice cut off the question quickly.``Top 10,'' he said. ``Top 10.''Rice could not be reached for comment Sunday, and Fink said he wasn?t sure where the committee projected the Gaffney native to be drafted.Rice had eight catches for 139 yards and one touchdown in the Liberty Bowl, giving him a school-record 11 100-yard games, breaking the mark of Sterling Sharpe. He also holds the school record with 23 touchdowns while also becoming the first player to have more than 1,000 yards receiving twice in his career.He had 1,143 yards last year and 1,090 this season, and his 2,233 yards rank him third all-time behind only Zola Davis (2,354) and Sharpe (2,497).
Sidney Rice holds the USC school record with 23 touchdowns, while also becoming the first player to have more than 1,000 yards receiving twice in his career.BART BOATWRIGHT / Staff


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