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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Balmer email for Collinsville and Beyond

Friday Jan 12 2007
Got an email from Randall Balmer this morning, engaging the discussion about the new Baptist Covenant.
It is sad that my attempt to address the Southern Baptist politicization of the abortion issue was cavlierly silenced in Sunday school last year. If my temperament was offensive, I apologize, but I think temperament was a convenient excuse to silence a troubling aspect of this discussion.
Anyway Balmer has discussed abortion at some length in his Thy Kingdom Come and the appeal to Martha Barksdale, Gloria MOrgan and Mary Anne Cole to consider a view that Matthew sat in the classroom at Yale and aborbed; that appeal stands.

Balmer found the fundamentalist malcontent "churlish". I am hoping Balmer has the opportunity to go further up the feeder chain and engage the likes of Rove's Richard Land, as Newt Gingrich has suggested, in key Presidential Primary states like South Carolina.
It's a nuanced discussion for sure, one I think President's Carter and Clinton have advanced with Monday's gathering in ATlanta.

The preacher, the Baker,
The Mayor and The candlestick Maker
Every body from the All Americans to the Village Idiot.

VI here accounted for.

Was gonna take a break from naming names for a while, but sure would be nice if my friends Martha Barksdale, Mamie MOore, even Mary Anne Cole, GOP Committee Woman up in Fort Payne, and their network in the Study Clubs and Library boards and WMU and what not would take up the crusade to get couple copies of Randall Balmer's Thy Kingdom Come in the county and church libraries.
Balmer, taught Matthew Morgan as a visiting Proff at Yale; and the Clinton/Carter announcement yesterday in ATlanta is at the heart of what Balmer is talking about, especially in his chapter Where Have All the Baptists Gone.
I expect to be in the convocation next year in Atlanta if things settle down a little and I can continue to ride my bicycle up and down HWY 11 like I love to do.
And I imagine John Morgan and his wife Susan will be right there as well as this group of Baptists is at the heart of
These folks nurture Becky Kennedy. You see where former Baylor President Herb Reynolds whose son Kevin did a Robin Hood Movie and one with Dennis Hopper WAtersomething; and former Baylor VP Underwood, now at Mercer.
So Becky Kennedy, my friend, is all over this convocation it appears to me.

But here is how the chat is going at
Sheila Smith and her sister are registered there. I am sure Mamie and others can show them how to cut and paste if Mr. Thornton has any thoughts and would like for them to post there.

Sincerely not so much interested in picking at scabs with this invitation to engage the discussion, as to get some take as to how Pastor MOrgan's series on Baptist Indentity and what it means went this last fall at
I kinda know how Richard Land feels, not gettin invited to the party and all.
I'm sure he and Balmer will get many opportunities to nuance it out between now and the late Jan 08 convo of authentic Baptists.
Romans 11:32; I thank it is.


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