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Monday, September 24, 2007

Conflating Balmer, Killian; Mead and Colson in the Public Square

Dear Friends:

I may be tackling something outside my pay grade, or impossible to square, reconcile here, but please give me credit for attempting to do some heavy thinking.

Hope to get some links up for you soon, but almost all of this is easily googled up.
How do you influence the public square on religion and politics trying to hold up for consideration things as disparate and ripe for misappropriation as

Cuurent feature online analysis of Faith as a foundation for Liberty and Progress in American Interest Magazine by Russell Mead.
Chuck Colson bent toward the transcendent in an August Christianity Today while holding up Francis Schaeffer's abortion issue as the non negotiable for a Christian's voting calculus.
Notre Dame Proff feature oped of a Monday two weeks ago in
My fundamentalist friend today; his reservations about the Creation views of Former Ark Gov and Baptist Preacher Huckabee.

How do you put all that in the context of first tier thinkers like Balmer, Charles Marsh and Charles Kimball and come out with a winning political formula that say would take the day in Alabama.

Hugo Black's grandson Stephen has things in proper perspective in his Oped Yesterday, Sept 23 in the Bham Post Herald.
But convincing an otherwide good man and my friend John Killian of the proper calculation of Jesus politics; it's a hard thing to do.
One of Carlyle Marney's mentors told him you have to continue to bless those who cannot or will never misunderstand.
I guess that may be good news for my friend Lowell Barron and Alfa, but it isn't helping me sleep at night.
I have brought some of it to the attention of and Melissa Rogers; I don't know what else to do.


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