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Monday, September 24, 2007

Syd Staley, Louie D. Newton and the Gov of NC

My Dad told this great story about the time Louie D Newton, the editor of the Ga. Baptist Christian Index--see Duke McCall's great stories about his train rides with Louie D in his Book on the Baptist Takeover--was the guest of the President of Southeastern Baptist SEminary President Syd Staley to speak at some function For the STate of North Carolina with the Governor sitting on the Front Row.
Best I can Figure it was 56 or so--though I am open to correction from the likes of Randall Lolley and Bill Self whose attention I am trying to bring to this story cause it deserves to be done right.
AS my friend the documentarian Brett Morgen--google him up for the Chicago Ten--has said; if it comes to the facts or the legend go with the legend.
Point being come back to this story cause within ten days or so I may have it right.

Wish my Dad was still alive cause the live version telling is better than any print.
Okay, with a long start, here is the story.
You have to understand this was in the day when as the experts have said with Consensus, the Baptist church and the state government of North and South Carolina, Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi were pretty much the same thing. I heard as much at Furman in the 70's.

So President STaley introduces Louie D. Newton, and Louie D. starts playing up to the Governor.
STaley starts in a soft voice on stage behing Louie D.

Louie, these people came to hear you preach.

Louie keeeps joking around playing to the governor

Staley: Louie these people want to hear you preach.

Louie Let the Governor Go, these People came to hear you preach.

Louie Preach to these People, Let the Governor Go; STaley almost frantically with hands cuffed ends up shouting to Louie D on stage.

You almost have to have known the personalities, for sure understood the times to get the flavor of the story, but my Dad told it often with relish.
Kind of stuff maybe 63 or so SEBTS grad Ed YOung missed the point of with his connection to Harry Dent at FBC Columbia, though I understand Dent's testimony to be genuine. Or Billy Graham and Nixon, which author Duffy of the new Book on Graham and the PResidents said on Booktv was the most damaging.
Of course, Marshall Frady tells the definitive tale on that point.
And many of us know in the Dent line, Dent begat Lee Atwater and Lee Atwater begat Karl Rove and Karl Rove simultaneously begat George W. Bush and Ronnie Floyd and Richard Land and maybe even the WAr in Iraq; so I'm gonna need help showing Ed Young where Babylon is.
I caught Ed Young on TV yesterday, speaking on Meshach, Shadrach and Abednego. He did a very good job with the Biblical Story, I'm just afraid he's not sure where Babylon is anymore.
I left a message on his machine at his church offices this morning.

Hope to blog about Ed and Babylon soon.


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