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Monday, September 17, 2007

General Petraeus, Preaching the Baptist Tradition and The Snyder Pig

Snyder Pig, Snyder Pig, does whatever a Snyder Pig does.

That is my new little ditty for my USAF Chaplain Retired Winston Prentice Fox for leaving three messages on my answering maching Saturday boasting of his role in having me temporarily suspended from As early as his first week there, and pleadingly on the Weds of the first week of the US Open I warned the board of his antics and tactics. As it became more absurd, an unwitting unilateral decision was made to sideline me.
It is not a pretty sight, but as has an association with and Mercer University; I am trusting that as Uncle Prentice shows his true colors at the Campbell Divinity school conference on Preaching the Baptist Tradition, folks there may get a better understanding as I continue to make my case by email and phone.
In the meantime Prentice has sent this message about General Petraeus. His position apparently is not the same as Charles Marsh, Balmer, Kimball and Bill Moyers, even President Carter. The corridor talk at the Campbell Div Conference could be interesting indeed, as I would be surprised if Buddy Shurden holds these strong apologists for the Baptist tradition--I would even venture to say easily in the legacy of Marney--in as low esteem as Prentice Fox does if his notions at are evidence of his heart.
I do not claim the wisdom of Solomon in the Move On Dot Org ad in the NY Times on Petraeus. The discussion Yesterday Morning on Meet the Press between John McCain and John Kerry was gut wrenching. If McCain had been elected in 2000 survived the SC Primary where Richard Land continues to be silent on the activity of the political wing of the Right to Life community was smarmy; had McCain not been the victim of Rove and Land, I don't think we would be in Iraq today; but I don't know. Even so I don't think the demagoguery of UP's dissemination is in the best of the Bonhoeffer and Barth tradition if Marsh's analysis is close in Wayward Christian Soldiers.
In coming days I wouldn't be surprised if Chaplain Fox and his relationship to Doug Carver whose endtime beliefs have come under scrutiny at
; would not be surprised if that aspect of Chaplain Fox's 6 weeks at don't become a matter of national publication.
Shurden's conference at the Campbell Div School is the first few days of October. I am hoping some of the members of UPrent's Sunday School class at Snyder attend. Would be grand if several of them read deeply into Marsh,Kimball and Balmer before they attend.

Hebrews 11:13

And Gillian Welch's Times The Revelator--google up the lyrics.

Now Prentice on Petraeus; or his dissemination thereof:

It is a daily feed from , apparently Homeplate for Chaplain's Fox base theology and practice

Center for Individual Freedom
Dear Winston:
Liberals say they support the troops...
...But some liberals in Congress and their extreme left-wing allies are now calling a brave man who has put his life on the line for 35 years to protect the freedoms that so many of them take for granted, a "TRAITOR!"
On the eve of 9-11, while patriotic Americans were praying and paying tribute to the horrible events of that day, the radical group ran a full-page ad in the New York Times calling General David Petraeus, our top military General in Iraq, "General 'Betray Us.'"
There is no bottom to how low the extreme left will sink.
But to make matter worse, when Senator John Cornyn introduced a resolution condemning, it was blocked.

Sfox>Cornyn defeated best I remember the Black mayor from Dallas to become a Senator. Karl Rove and Richard Land were clearly in Cornyn's corner.
At Campbell, Buddy Shurden may want to remind Prentice Fox of Cornyn's role in the Senate hearings couple summers ago where Brent Walker appeared side by side with Judge Roy Moore to discuss Church state issues.

I do agree with one quote Bush 43 made in a national speech.
Between Freedom and Fear, God is not Equal..

May God protect us from demagogues.

And as an afterthought, maybe UP's Sunday school class, even Anthony Jordan and David Flick could learn a little from this great Sermon, Jeff Rogers the Preacher who gave a great lecture in the LD Johnson Series What Really MAtters at Furman in the mid 90's on Furman's Baptist Legacy.


Blogger foxofbama said...

UP's SS class at Snyder in his own words:

This is not a seminary class in OT 101; but 95% of the class(average attendance is about 38 or 40) are college graduates and beyond, and many are heavily invested in biblical commentary. UNCLE PRENTICE.

>Sfox Sure would be cool if some of these College grads would become interested in Balmer, Kimball, Marsh and Carver; and could take it to Buddy Shurden's class at Campbell as there is good reason to be concerned about the teacher they have at Snyder who sees no difference between Mohler and Lolley, Schaeffer and Marsh; John Hagee, Tim LaHaye on one hand and Bill Hull and Shurden on the other.

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