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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Uncle Prentice's First Wife, Sarah

Uncle Prentice seems to be having trouble with the text on Hagar over at You can click straight to his problem in the bizarre family blog below.
I was gonna hold off on this story till next week, but I feel like I have been goaded into upping the ante here, or fast forwarding the premiere; you know what I mean.

Winston Prentice's basic problem seems to be with the age old big question in the fundamentalist tradition he was raised in, and possibly never pilgrimmed out of with all his talk of Marney, Luther, and Pembroke State; the Old question of who wrote the Bible.
His first wife Sara, had that answer far as I'm concerned back in the 80's.
We were all gathered in at the Fox Compound off Kingston HWY in NW Georgia; house and rental and barn, Bouncer the Dog and 80 some odd acres.
Aunt Sara, sweet and humble, was tellin us about her Sunday school class for five year olds where she put forward this question, with all its atavistic penumbra.
She was getting stunned and somber looks when finally one little boy raised his hand.
Aunt Sara said: "Tommy, do you think you know?"
Little Tommy said: "I'm not sure Mrs. Fox, but I think Jimmy Swaggart wrote it."


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