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Monday, October 01, 2007

ETenn's God is Sufficient/ Meacham, Hitchens and Truett

East Tennessean Jon Meacham, educated at Sewanee, now the Editor of Newsweek, did a fine job on CNBC with Tim Russert debating the cultured despiser Christopher Hitchens.

Hitchens has written a book, Religion Poisons Everything. He has a point if you only look at Ronnie Floyd, Adrian Rogers, Al Mohler and Paul Pressler.

But there is also just in East Tennessee, Marney; and not far over the North Carolina border George Truett. And among the living Ron Rash's novels and poems are parabolic.

Haven't seen a transcript yet for Hitchens and Meacham, but keep an eye out for one. Conflate this blog with a similar topic of a few days ago with links here at foxofbama below.

This is a strong and significant discussion with all kinds of implications for American Politics, whether you are a believer or non. Hitchens had one very fascinating take on the Archbishop of Canterbury at it effects church state construct of England.

But I'm satisfied Pascal trumped Hitchens a long time ago when he said:

Mock On, Mock On; Voltaire, Rousseau.

Mock On, Mock on, tis all in Vain.

You blow your sand into the Wind

And the Wind blows it back again.

And esoterics of the baptist experience will want to check on the intense discussion at faith and practice on George Truett and his detractor, the Catholic Beckwith of Baylor.

Meacham had a strong testimony. My Grandfather, WD Fox, of Walden's Creek Tennesse woulda been proud of him; as would my Dad of Alcoa, and Uncle Jess Nease and Paul James of Newport, and the folks at Bethel Baptist, some of the first folks to see me when I came in the world in 53.


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